Sunday, October 16, 2016

The "Lady Doctor" of early 20th century Colorado - Dr. Justina Ford

Well, seems "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" had a predecessor and was based in real life. Except Dr. Ford was black. A true example of making a way when there is no way, Dr. Ford thumbed her nose at the large hospitals that would not allow her to work in them lest she "disturb" the white staff and patients. Plus, she was barred from joining medical associations which would have given her the connections to get work. Associations. Organizations. Clubs. Never, NEVER let someone tell you those places where the "in crowd" gathers to give each other a leg up don't matter. If the person does, that person is hindering you and mos def is blocking your way. Anyhoo, Dr. Ford took her services to the hinterlands where the poor of ALL colors needed medical care. And probably didn't care who attended them once pain hit their ass. She specialized in gynecology and was the ONLY female doctor in the state for decades, let alone the only African-American one.

Go on with your bad self, Dr. Ford!

info courtesy of black america web

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