Sunday, January 15, 2017


OK, here’s my annual Martin Luther King post. Are y’all still eating rubber chicken croquettes at a myriad of luncheons? Those “commemorative” luncheons where people, who do not have a clue about Dr. King beyond what they skimmed over on Google just before said feast? The ones who stand at a podium to recite his I Have a Dream speech for the umpteenth time? Watering it down to fit their agenda. As I’ve said personally my favorite speech from Dr. King is his The Mountaintop speech. Why because it is the reflection of a man who has lived more, who has seen some things test his beliefs and who is still persevering despite knowing his life is in danger.

A man fighting for increased wages for trash workers in Memphis, TN as opposed to pouring more money into escalating the Vietnam War. And we all know that once a public figure opens his/her mouth for MORE money and dignity for workers, AND proposes that the powers-that-be NOT put money into war, said public figure isn't long for this Earth. Or, at the very least, one will get silenced badly.

Why am I rehashing this? Because at present, it is imperative to listen to the message in King’s little quoted speech. It reveals everything that must be fought for now! And at the time of The Mountaintop speech, King was no longer advocating peaceful protest. Was he advocating violence? No. He was advocating acting other than turning the other cheek. I’ll get spiritual here. Even Jesus did not advocate being stepped on to keep the peace. The God-man, who so many follow, and whose doctrine "Christians" corrupt to justify their bigotry, advocated that no one stand still for abuse. That no one allow another to harm them. For he believed if one let it continue, people will ignore your idle complaints and say you like it.

 Let that sink in.

So, that’s my take away for King Day. No more luncheons. No more cleaning vacant lots in celebration of his birth. No more dreaming. No more defanging Dr. King’s message. What is needed? 

Action. Action. Action.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

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