Monday, February 13, 2017

Al Jarreau - Sleep well

Alwin Lopez Jarreau. Al Jarreau to you. Silky, rich, light, breezy. A voice that lifted the heart and could imitate instruments. Another gone. Sunday saw his voice quieted.

I came upon his music in my college days and was immediately swept away. His popularity rose after his theme for the TV show Moonlighting  hit big. But he'd been entertaining us for years before that. It was just that HIS time had come and he could finally make bank.

My favorite Jarreau song? Mornin' It's like being in a Mustang with the top down, cruising along. Wind in your face. Birds. Flowers. You get the picture. Take a listen and relax.

Well, Al, I know you are cruising now too. Rest in power.

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