Sunday, February 5, 2017

Frank Wills - The man who made Watergate possible

Back in 1972, a young security guard made the discovery of a break-in at the Watergate complex in D. C. which led to the uncovering of the wiretapping of the Democratic Headquarters housed in the complex. A twenty-four year old guard who was simply doing his job. He found duct tape on one of the locks on a door at the complex when he was making his rounds. He alerted the cops. He did his job His log entry noting the discrepancy is in the NATIONAL ARCHIVES! The friggin' NATIONAL ARCHIVES! And it led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon because of his part in the scandal. Old Tricky Dick.

This discovery made tons of cash, and jumpstarted the careers of a slew of people (Woodward and Bernstein, G. Gordon Liddy, to name a few). Some went to jail but not enough. It made nothing for Mr. Wills. His birthday was February 4th. He died in poverty on September 27th 2000. If this ish had gone down today, he'd have a publicist, a designer duct tape line and a talk show. Shame.This guy oughta have a monument somewhere because if he had not been doing HIS JOB, the scandal would not have been known. The people who made bank from his effort should have seen to his needs.

Frank in later life

twenty-four year old Frank

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