Friday, April 28, 2017

L. A. riots - 25 years ago

The anniversary of the L. A. riots is this Saturday. Twenty-five years. 25. Phew! Time does fly. And no one was having fun. Most of the principal players are dead or have moved on. Most major networks or cable channels will be having shows on it this weekend. All will have different slants. Looking at you FOX NEWS! In any case, the smell and energy lingers. God. It was a very ugly time had, and done, by all. It was the aftermath of a court acquittal of law officers who'd done some pretty rough stuff to a citizen and it had been captured doing it in  real time with new technology. My stomach still roils at the carnage done by L. A. inhabitants after the verdict and at the brutal beating of Rodney King by the cops that precipitated it. Do you recall where were you when it all erupted?

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