Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tavares - The other brothers on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack

With tomorrow night's televised tribute to the Bee Gees on CBS, and their contribution to music in general, and to the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever  (release date: December 16, 1977! Oh God. I saw it the DAY it came out!) in particular, I'd like to mention the other group of bruthas who are brothers who were on the film's soundtrack.


This American RnB group of Cape-Verdean ancestry from Providence, RI topped the 70s charts. Feliciano, Perry, Antoine, Arthur and Ralph are known for the song,  More Than a Woman from the film. Other hits were Heaven Must be Missing an Angel, It Only Takes a Minute and Don't Take Away the Music. 

Want some tea? Feliciano was married to my fellow Philadelphian singer/dancer Lola Falana once. Harmonious sounds, great footwork and fly outfits were their trademark. Ralph and Perry retired but the rest are still touring.

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