Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Sexy Delight @MySexySaturday #MSS48

Welcome to the 48th week of the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop and my return to it. after a break. This blog hop is sponsored by author Lynn Crain.

This week is all about a couple's sexy delight. Again, it’s about awesome couples and just what makes them that way. Some of them do it in the stars, some have riddles to solve, empires to rule and others live right here on earth but all of them make us come back for more over and over and over again.

These are the couples who take absolute delight in each other. They are the ones who knows there is no one in the universe for them except their significant other. In our writing, all our couples are awesome. Beyond awesome. Readers want more of them and their stories because they have sexy delight with each other and life. We love to see you share those snippets of the couple who always show us the sexy delight they have in each other.

The example can be seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs.

This week's sexy seven comes from SOMETHING ELSE WICKED, BOOK 2 of my FELIG CHRONICLES paranormal romance series.

My duo, Nate and Tina, are having a sweet, naughty moment before they depart for a formal event. It's about seven paragraphs of understated hotness.

“You know…” he grabbed her around the waist, "the freak in me was thinking about that anyway. We could use the formal dining room. Me. You in just the shoes. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to the dress.” He nuzzled her neck and inhaled her scent.

“Nate? Nate?” Tina stood on tiptoe to peer over his shoulder at the garment bag tossed on the boudoir chair.


“Is that your tux on the chair?”


“Shirt, bow tie, the works?”


 “Well at our private dinner…” she circled her arms around his shoulders, “the freak in me wants you to wear the bow tie only. But not around your neck.”

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  1. Absolutely love the visual. Can't wait to see more about Tina and Nate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can absolutely see it, too. Great snippet.

  3. Ooo, this snippet ended on a great note! ;)

  4. Visualizing this scene is sexy hot! Love these kind of couples.

  5. Yeah. Nate and his T do love playing.

  6. I love the way Tina's mind works :-)