Sunday, June 8, 2014

The New Adult genre in romance (Adult? Really?) : No pros, all cons for me

Oh, boy. Where do I begin? I tried. I really did. But I do not like the New Adult genre. It's just so full of...challenges. It's like reading the manual to a 12 step program for an addiction to overcome. Except the addiction is never overcome. What do I mean? Well. it's full of those challenges, agony, angst and assholes. Not entertainment to me. I've witnessed too much of that in real life. Maybe this genre is romance for the sheltered, for those who have not experienced any huge upheaval in their lives. Maybe it's a road map for the emotionally-challenged to follow if they want to live vicariously through heroines who immerse themselves in all kinds of mental turmoil possible. Who knows? Except I must say, no matter the age or experience, a lot of the NA heroines are just too stupid to live and love wallowing in the "feels." You got heroines who are pregnant by their very best friend's man. Heroines who enjoy being humiliated in every way because that's how they feel awake. And on and on. It's a Jerry Springer Show marathon in print.

The heroines are mostly lost souls, consciously, unconsciously, literally or figuratively. They are usually in their late teens or early twenties. With freshly deceased parents, freshly deceased friends, freshly deceased pets, freshly deceased plants, etc. EMO on steroids. And to get whole again, they are drawn to and latch onto some of the biggest douchebag heros of all. And these guys are everywhere. At a mall, in the coffee shop, in poly sci class,. And exist to "fix" the girls' brokenness, to bring them back to life. UGH! In this day and age, haven't women progressed farther than panting after a partner to "heal" themselves? Oh, don't get me wrong. Panting for panting's sake is fine. But the reason for hooking up with this perfect partner to pant with as a fix to all the heroine's problems? Really? Just have the heroine screw because she wants to. Do drugs because she wants to. Drink because she wants to. Not do it because indulging in her partner's bedroom skills, boozing, and/or drugging will be a magic cure for sadness. And the partners that these New Adult heroines pick are dicks. Plain and simple. Oh, excuse me. Misunderstood but sensitive dicks. Modern era  Heathcliffs and Rochesters. New Adult is just YA and Old Skool Gothic romance wrapped up in sex, booze and drugs and way too many issues. To each his own.

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