Friday, December 4, 2015

The One World Doll Project - Started by a father out of love for his daughters

I like this concept a lot. Funny thing is my mom and uncles and aunts went out of their way decades ago to locate baby dolls and fashion dolls who looked like me. And they ALWAYS found them. I had the most beautiful Black baby dolls and fashion dolls in my neck of the woods. Where did they get them? Well my first one was bought from a small, Black-owned and operated, Mom & Pop store in my South Philly neighborhood on South Street. This couple had anything and everything that was hard to get. They had connections. Ask them, they'd get it. Might take a bit but they'd get it. That's why Xmas requests had to be put in EARLY!

The next place to look was NEW YORK CITY! You could then get ANYTHING pertaining to Black folks in the Black owned stores in NYC. You had to look, or ask and then order right away! Don't know what happened between the Boomer Generation and the kids coming up after the Millennials but they seem a tad lost about how to go about getting stuff. But then again if these dolls were sold by APPLE and came with Wi-fi, they'd be all over it and would stand in line over night to get one.

Dolls of ALL ethnicities are in is line. Hence the name.

At any rate, this genuine genius of a good father, Houston businessman ,Trent Daniels fulfilled his little girls desire and that of thousands of other little girls around the globe with the ONE WORLD DOLL PROJECT line. Currently available at HEB stores and Walmart, he will be expanding into Target and Toy R Us in 2016.  Read more about it. Then go buy a freakin' doll or two.

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  1. Love them! I think it would be wonderful to collect the set. Maybe I can bribe my family stateside to get them for my daughter.