Sunday, February 21, 2016


Malcolm Little. "Detroit Red" (due to a Scots maternal grandfather). Malcolm X. El-Hajj Malik el Shabazz. A one-time pimp, felon, then a minister. First a Christian. Then a member of the Nation of Islam. Finally a Sunni Muslim. Initially self-absorbed then turning to a champion for Black America. Lastly a changed man and thinker. What a journey! Whatever you though of him, if you ever thought of him, you could not ignore him. Today exactly 51 years ago, on Sunday February 21, 1965 at Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom, his short 39 years of life were ended by assassins' bullets.

Much speculation as to how it came about. Were minions of a disgruntled Elijah Muhammad responsible? Hoover and COINTELPRO? Random shooters? This man, and the people who had been threatening him, had been WATCHED for YEARS. Just like King. Random shooter theory? No. There were no surprises. Just folk sitting back, letting things proceed. WATCHING it all unfold.

A tiny aside here, I laugh. Big belly laughs. And I am sure Malcolm does too. I laugh at Millennials who scream that Snowden is their hero. Please. Y'all think that you are NOT being spied on since he sang? In truth, y'all do not know what surveillance is unless you've lived under Hoover's FBI and COINTELPRO.. It has never stopped, is not going to ever stop and is bigger than any president. No matter who is in office. It is a monster all its own! Like the IRS. So, no Virginia it is NOT wise to spill your life on FB/Twitter 'cuz you believe "the gov't should respect my privacy. 'Cuz it's mine!" Fool, it's the government! That's what it does. It governs. At all costs. Psst! Millennials! Do not believe everything your parents told you. YOU AIN'T SPECIAL! You are human like the rest of us. And humans are capable of despicable ish. Just ask Malcolm. When he's done laughin.'


  1. Malcolm X was one of the few people willing to think, act, reflect, and think some more. That's the true measure of person's life and character to me. Thanks for posting.

    The whole Snowden issue baffled me to. Did people really think what they put on the internet is private? Too many people just never learned the value of real privacy-keeping your mouth shut and your personal relationships, personal. They all want to be noticed and known; and then complain when it backfires.

    1. You're welcome. I agree totally. The man is under appreciated. He became the complete person he was after much reflection, soul-searching and not following blindly. Echo, folk love to be seen and heard. No matter how inappropriate what they are revealing is. It's today's free high. Do it on all kinds of platforms then moan it hinders them getting a job or it lands on TMZ or some other such mess. People today really do not know how to shut up.