Monday, February 15, 2016

HBCU Hampton University has a men's lacrosse team. I said a LACROSSE TEAM!

Lacrosse. That sport of the rich, that was a past time of America's indigenous people first, now has found a spot at Hampton University in Virginia. It's not the first time though that an HBCU had a winning, all Black squad. Morgan State University in Baltimore. MD had that honor in the 70s.That college's squad, THE BEARS, competed in Division I games though they were classified as Division II. The squad at Hampton, THE PIRATES, a DIVISION I team now, played in a Division I competition against Roberts Wesleyan just this past week end. They lost 20-3 but made history by virtue of their existence . Lacrosse. Wow. I'm feeling the need to don gloves, a pillbox hat, some pearls and eat a watercress sandwich. "Jeeves, bring me a Manhattan and don't be stingy with the sweet vermouth!"

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