Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jesse Owens - His life and achievements are chronicled in "RACE" , his biopic out 2/19/2016

Born James Cleveland Owens, the star of the 1936 Berlin Olympics won FOUR gold medals and trounced all over Adolph Hitler's theory and display of Aryan supremacy.  The new movie, "RACE" depicts the showdown between Owens and German favorite Luz Long (who gave him pointers). It has good vibes but if you are anywhere near a sentient being, White Supremacy be it in Nazi Germany or in the then klan-ridden KKK of the US just ain't conducive to the warm fuzzies.

RANDOM FACTOID! RANDOM FACTOID! The South can't be blamed for every racist thing that ever went down in the US, nor can the North be always seen as that bastion of freedom. I got this news from the horse's mouth - my grand. Back in 1929, the hinterlands of that northern state, our home state, PENNSYLVANIA  had more KKK members than anywhere else in the country. There actually was a hell fire and brimstone PRIEST who used to broadcast a radio show from the state, decrying how "mud people" were ruining the world or some such nonsense. Man had a whole lot of followers. Now I know why my grands used to say, "There is Pittsburgh and there is Philadelphia. Remember, Sweetie, everything else in between is PENNSYLTUCKY! To this day, I do not venture toward the Susquehannahs if I do not have to. OK, End of FACTOID.

As you were.

"RACE" features Canadian thespian Stephan James in the title role. The film releases nationwide on Friday February 19th.

ps after winning gold for his country, Owens was the only athlete on the 1936 USA Olympic team who DID NOT get an invite to the White House. WTF! Really FDR?

Long and Owens

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