Thursday, May 19, 2016

OUTLANDER''S Jamie, Clare, Frank/Black Jack – A menage across time?

All right. I’m gonna put it out there. And I am not the first person to see it. The principals in OUTLANDER are part of a really effed up menage a trois. Takes a big, ole breath* Clare has sex with 20th century Frank. Clare has sex with 18th century Jamie. 20th century Frank has never had sex with 18th Jamie, BUT…20th century Frank ‘s ancestor, 18th century Black Jack, has had sex with Jamie (Rape is the correct term; can’t put lipstick on that pig; also add in mental abuse).   And Jamie? Well boyfriend has had 18th and 20th century Clare, never been with 20th century Frank and was raped by 18th century Black Jack. Let’s just say he has been had by all.

It’s a fan fic writer’s wet dream. I am certain myriad sexual permutations, of Clare/Jamie/Jack/Frank, exist out in Cyberland. Horrid, humorous, nice, hard-core. I am certain some version exists where they all get along, hop between dimensions and live in some happy, BDSM-lovin’ household where their sole concerns are:"are there enough bannocks and rope?" 

I am also certain some soul has found a way around the space time continuum so he/she can pen a version of Jack swiving his descendant, Frank. With Frank liking it better than being with Clare. Oh, I am sure imaginations have run amuck.

Yep, it’s Jamie, Clare, Frank/Black Jack for the win, in a crowded marriage ‘til death do they part and beyond, for diehard fans/fan fic writers.

Write On. Write On, gentle writer. Um, er, just don’t show me. 

the dysfunctinal mess known as a "love triangle."

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