Friday, May 6, 2016

THE PORTALS PROJECT - The brainstorming result of 3 Sci-fi authors (No, not me but I am in this anthology project)


Hey Folks! I've been sitting on this for a few weeks but now it's OK to spill. I am one of the Sci-fi romance authors featured in the Portals Project. These 4 volumes contain the first chapter of a SFR author's book, be it the first in a series or a standalone. Heat levels range from mild to super hot. These samplers give readers a taste of an author they might have been interested in reading but was not sure about buying. Kinda like a "portal" into a genre and/or a new-to-you writer. And what are the best parts? It's 4 volumes long (or short, since they only contain the 1st chapter of a book); they are in digital formats and they are FREE! Learn all about it at the link above.

The power team of authors Laurie A. Green, Veronica Scott and Pauline B. Jones accomplished this task. Thank you, ladies. My contribution is in the first book up - PORTALS, VOLUME ONE, out May, 17th. Delve into a portal and get lost!

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