Wednesday, May 4, 2016


More under-rated gems from the 70s.

Brass Construction was a funk band from Brooklyn, NY formed in 1968. Sampled by groups today, their hits include:
Movin' -
Changin' -
Get Up to Get Down -

Brick was formed in Atlanta, GA in '72 and was a great melding of jazz and funk and reigned during the 70s. Hits include:
Dazz - 
Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody -

B T Express was a funk/disco band and part of the "Brooklyn Sound" of the 70s. Originally called Brooklyn Transit Express, they tussled for top spots on the R-n-B charts with Brick and Brass Construction all through the Me Decade. Hits include:
Do It (Til You're Satisfied) - 
Express -
Close to You -

Oh man. What can I say. I loved, love, those bands with 15 guys on stage, real instruments and a tight sound. Kids, you missed some danceable, memorable music that every person my age in my old neighborhood had their first kiss to, their first slow drag to, their first walk holding hands to. And NO I will not divulge what other firsts occurred. That is none of your business. Some things are not meant to be transparent!  Enjoy the vids!

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