Monday, August 15, 2016

PORTALS, VOLUME 6 is out and it's FREE!

Well, lookie here! PORTALS, volume 6 is officially out (August 3rd). And I'm in this one too. I was in the first one too. Volume 7 comes out later this month. It will be the last one. I do hope you have enjoyed these first chapters from selected Scifi Romance books. A way to sample a book or unknown before plunking down your ducats for the whole thing. I've read them and have found new authors to follow. As alway, I am honored to have been part of a successful project. Can wait to see what the ladies of SFR think up next.

And did I mention all PORTALS are FREE! Check your ebook seller, download them and travel to other worlds or meet an alien or two!

Portals: Volume One by [Brittan, Lyn, Burnard, Marcella, Dean, P.J., Frelick, Donna S., Green, Laurie A., Grayson, Athena, Pajonas, SJ, van der Rol, Greta, Scott, Veronica, Williams, Sandy]

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