Friday, August 12, 2016

The tale of two Simones and a Homer - Update: Add Miles Chamley-Watson's Bronze too!

Simone Biles and Simone Manuel won their heats Thursday night. Manuel tied for Gold with Canadian Penny Olesiak (kudos, Pen). Both young, hard-working women brought home the Gold. These African-American women made firsts and broke records and myths. Yes, we swim. And when we do, we kick butt. Hail, les deux Simone! Leave their hair and Gabby's hair alone! When you DEVOTE your LIFE to something other than your Remi or "how many bundles will make me look like a RHOA?" then maybe, maybe you can talk. Hard-achieved congrats ladies!

The other star of the day was Daryl Homer of the Bronx. He won the Silver in individual saber. My heart is bursting. So proud of this young man. Born in the U. S. Virgin Islands, he is a joy to watch due to his drive and enthusiasm and skill.

All, breaking barrriers and records. When a chance is given, skill is unstoppable. I love it.

Add Miles Chamley-Watson's team bronze in foil fencing too!

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