Wednesday, September 21, 2016

EMPIRE is back tonight!

FOX’s EMPIRE returns to the airwaves tonight! When last we peeped la famille Lyon, Luscious had to marry his pregnant ex-fiancee, Boo Boo Kitty (the baby belongs to his youngest son!) for legal and face-saving reasons pertaining to his record empire. These two have long been finished and this was a formality. A formality which visibly broke mamma Cookie’s heart as she still loves Big L. And she had to witness the wedding. AND, AND after Rhonda, the wife of Luscious’ eldest son miscarried via ugly tumble down a staircase last season, she has been having flashbacks to the incident and realizes it was no accident. She came to the knowledge at the makeshift wedding that the person who had befriended her in her time of need was the culprit! Cue organ music. The culprit? None other than BOO BOO KITTY! Seems old Boo was bummed out that Big L had kicked her to the curb when Cookie got out of prison, and for double crossing him by doing his son. This woman wanted to be in that family so bad she would have given the sexually-fluid son a go if she had not succeeded with the sexual irresponsible one first. She wanted the name and the money and to be the one popping out the next pride of Lyons. She did not want anyone and their kid in her spotlight, and didn’t care how she went about pushing them out of it.
So at the end of the last episode of last season, “woke” Rhonda confronts Boo Boo, after the ceremony, when they are all alone, out on the high walkway above a concrete surface. OF ALL PLACES! They get into a Krystal-and-Alexis-style fight, tussling like MMA contenders.  Rhonda’s yelling that she knows what Boo Boo did and how she is gonna make her pay. It’s been bad for both. Rhonda has been through hell with her bipolar husband, who almost went off the deep end when they lost their baby. Boo Boo is just plain desperation morphed into psychosis bordering on homicidal. Who will live? Who will die? Will the baby survive? And where the hell are the rest of the Lyons while this mess is going down? All I do know is, nobody better call me at 9pm and I gotta go get some popcorn for tonight.

Fox's EMPIRE 9pm in the States.

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