Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marvin. Marvin. 45 years ago you shocked my young psyche

I had this record by the Marvelous Marvin Gaye when it came out waaaaay back in '71! It was a CONCEPT album. Meaning? It had a purpose, a theme throughout. The concept to it was a Vietnam Vet returning home to a country he'd fought for that was in turmoil and worse off than when he'd left it. Powerful stuff. I was a very precocious, forward-thinking kid. Anyhoo, it blew my young mind with its view of social issues mixed with searing lyrics and music. It's still so relevant today. There is not a cut on it that does not speak to issues today. So many unbelievable songs on one album. What's Going On; Mercy Mercy Me, Inner City Blues.  Marvin had his finger on the pulse of the nation even then. This album morphed him from the "handsome singer of love songs to the "not just another pretty face singer" of music. Period.  I see much of the same crap today that I saw in the 70s. Just had better music to address it. Pick up a copy of this groundbreaking record in any format you can. Listen and I dare you not to become "woke."

A photo of Gaye looking away from the camera

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