Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Obamas - My POTUS and FLOTUS, it has been a trip

Just because. I admire them so much. They have been grace under pressure from Day One. I do hope after every contentious session with Congress, he went home and cussed everyone of them out in his mind. And like many African-Americans, my heart was in my throat when they got out of the limo on that first Inauguration Day to greet people. The Divine was guarding them because I'd been sure some cretin wearing a tin-foil hat with membership in The John Birch Society was gonna shoot them. All I could remember saying to myself was, "Get back in the damned car! You got nothing to prove! You won!" And he did. TWICE. I shall miss them like hell when they are gone. Mark my words. He will go down as one of the best to have served in that position. My advice to Barack when the last day in the White House comes? Put your feet up in your new mansion, take a looooog pull on some Jack, say "take that haters" and say "it was a good day." Thank you, Barack and Michelle.

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