Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Be still my fluttering heart! POWER returns on Sunday night

POWER. My guilty pleasure like a few other TV shows. Except this gem is on Starz. It gets compared to Fox's EMPIRE but really, they are two completely different programs. Both have formerly incarcerated lead characters who are now legit. But where Cookie and Lucious have left jail behind and are music moguls trying hard to keep on the straight and narrow (Yeah, good luck with that) ..Poor James "Ghost" St. Patrick, on POWER, and his ride-or-die wife, Tasha, aren't so lucky.

Both shows have executives who've built their legacies on past drug dealing but the game just won't leave Ghost et al. alone. This is where it gets rough. Since it's cable, POWER goes places EMPIRE can't. Key characters die on this show. People do truly ratchet ish to each other and claim, "It's only business." Unsettling. As I've said, both are entertaining but one is Yoplait and the other is a kefir with bite.

When POWER's third season ended, Ghost (who'd thought he'd escaped his old life) was being arrested, in one of his night clubs, for murder. He was set up and was sent up the river for a stay at the big house courtesy of the State. There are so many backstories and moving pieces that one can get giddy if one is not paying attention.

Ghost is such a complicated, brooding, adulterous dude. An alpha in every sense. Not my fav type of guy but actor Omari Hardwick pulls it off beautifully. I actually root for him. His TV wife, Tasha, as played by Naturi Naughton is Ghost's equal. Tasha loves her man but she goes to some shocking extremes to let others know that. And endures his cheating ways. Girlfriend is a tad too ride-or-die for me. Let's just say even my mouth dropped at the things she's done.

Season 4 starts with Ghost being sent to jail, his re-acclimation there and a come-to-Jesus visit from Tasha to brainstorm about how who framed him, how to get revenge and how to get his freedom. Since Tasha is the one on the outside, I'll be watching and waiting for her to go into mercenary mode. The ensemble cast is stellar and after the principals I have to admit that the characters of Tommy Egan, Ghost's down-for-anything friend, as played by Joseph Sikora, and Jukebox as played by Anika Noni Rose are a wonder to behold. This season is gonna be off the chain.

Anyhoo, season 4 starts Sunday, June 25 at 9pm EST on Starz. Watch the trailer for season 4 below.

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