Monday, June 19, 2017

Little known Black history fact - Emancipation Park and the celebration of Juneteenth in Texas

Today is Juneteenth. June 19th, 1865. That's the annual remembrance of when the news of the emancipation of U. S. slaves hit Texas. Finally. As time progressed, freed blacks in Texas had scant places to hold subsequent celebrations of that fact. Finally, some prominent freedmen pooled their meager resources to buy a plot of land to hold the festivities in Houston. Cost? 800 hundred bucks. 800 hundred smackerroos to crave out a place to party. And that's if one could get there.

Hence, the birth of Emancipation Park in Houston, TX.

Per the usual, folk began to forget how hardwon the freedom was and started to let the land fall into disrepair, or just plain didn't show up anymore. 2007 was the last celebration. But loal agencies and locals period realized how important this plot of land was and a plan was drawn up to revive the place and the celebration.

This past weekend, a $33.6 million dollar re-do was unveiled and the park was placed back in action.

Long live Juneteenth and Emancipation Park!

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