Friday, June 9, 2017

Little Known Black History Fact: Nubia, The Black Wonder Woman

First off, I ADORED the new Wonder Woman film. Okay? No shade from me. I love a kick-butt chick in any hue. BUT Diana Prince did have a sister/side-kick/adversary in the comic books. Oh, pardon me. Graphic novels. From 1973 to the 200's Diana had Nubia by her side. A black chick who ruled an island of men. She and her crew kept those suckers in line. The '70s TV show of Wonder Woman was supposed to have Nubia on it. The late Teresa Graves of Get Christie Love fame had been signed for the role but..You know how that goes. Too much fierceness? Too much beauty in one place? Too much competition? I suppose if a black woman wasn't cooking, cleaning or wearing a maid's outfit, TV viewers would be stumped as to why she'd be on the screen. Funny. Julia. The afore-mentioned Get Christie Love. Even Mannix from years before had black female important characters who didn't play servants. Oh, well. I would have liked to have seen Linda Carter and Teresa Graves share the screen. and beat backside together. Maybe Diana and Nubia will be in the current movie's sequel?

Anyway, read more about Nubia at the above link.

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