Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Funk Ahoy! Lakeside and Slave

Today, because of all the July 4th hoopla, I thought I'd delve into more funk bands. Again, they are just a few of the talented groups that are dear to my heart. These, and so many more, are the soundtrack of my life. So, without further ado, I give you LAKESIDE and SLAVE.


The above photos show the group in then and now poses. The outfits? They are the canvas for their biggest, greatest hit Fantastic Voyage. And that is a freakin' great song. Hailing from the tri-sate area of Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky, the band is the result of the merging of two former acts, The Nomads and The Montereys. Remarkably, they have been together since '69, continue to perform and are scheduled to be performing in my area on August 17th  at the Dell in Philadelphia. The bill will include Sheila EDav Koz, Larry Graham of Graham Central Station and Slave, the other enduring band profiled on this post.

Listen to the magic of Lakeside and you can't sit still. If you do, you better check your pulse because you are probably DEAD! Also, notice that there is NO LIP SYNCING! Actual instruments are used. Plus, as you know by now, my favorite part of a funk band is heard loud and clear. THE BASS! Oh, and peep those boots. Pirates gotta pirate.


An Ohio funk band.
Phew! Those then and now photos. I think they have more 'tude now then back in the day. Those shades and those expressions. Front man Steve Arrington, known for using the electric trumpet, broke out on his own in 1982 to form Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame to become a successful solo act. Along with Nobody Can Be You but You, his biggest, infectious hit was Weak at the Knees. And yes. That song was a smash waaaaaay before Straight Outta Compton used it.

Sadly, the guy who played BASS (Mark Adams) was murdered in 2011 (sniff!) just as the band was pushing for a big comeback. Also, another member, guitarist Mark "Drac" Hicks died the same year. Otherwise, through numerous comings, goings, regroupings and disputes, the group has stayed together and still performs. Their immortal hits are Just a Touch of Love, Slide, and Watching You. Again, musicianship, no lip syncing and actual instruments. Listen some more

Good god. I used to sneak and watch all these acts on the old Don Kirschner's Rock Concert or Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack when I was a precocious kid. - Just a Touch of Love - Slide - Watching You

Steve Arrington

now  - Weak at the Knees

Listen. Hear. Feel this music. It gets in your being. I could move my body to this instead of standing in one spot looking too cool to crease my dress.

Don't mind me.

I gotta go dance. Bye. Happy 4th!


  1. Please write a romance set in a funk band. Please.

  2. You have given me ideas. Big ideas. LOL.

    1. it will be epic, I am not kidding because I wil buy it

      And the cover art !!!