Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cicely Tyson - Closing in on a century

The many faces of Cicely Tyson. The top picture is the most recent. This recent Kennedy Center honoree is 91! NINETY-EFFIN-ONE! She hit that mark this past December 18th. And she is a vegan. You don't reach that age eating the standard American diet of Cheetos, Doritos, tacos (from the Bell, not the real ones) and Big Gulps. No sir!. I vaguely recall a TV show she was on when I was knee-high. East Side/West Side was a drama series centered on a NYC welfare agency headed by George C. Scott and Ms. Tyson as secretary, Jane Foster. And oh was she glorious in it. Of West Indian parents, she was the first American Black woman to be seen wearing her hair natural on a major TV show. No wigs, no bouffant flips!

This actress has always pushed others' comfort zones. As the sharecropper's wife Rebecca in Sounder (for which she won a Golden Globe) and as the title character in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (for which she won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for a BAFTA), she wasn't afraid to not be the glamorous siren. She was once wed to Miles Davis and then Billy D. Williams. Like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going and going...

Oh man. Hand me a salad with a carrot juice chaser.

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