Friday, January 15, 2016


THE OHIO PLAYERS! This funk, R-and-B group, who hit it big in the 70s, hails from Dayton, Ohio. Another of those bands with a slew of guys, matching outfits and a badass bass player. Heaven. Aah! This band has had at least 25 folks traipse through their doors but they have all been professional musicians. Hence their name. They prided themselves on being trained music players. Known for their elaborate stage shows and provocative album covers, Those album covers! I remember my mom perusing the record sleeves asking, "Should this be something I should be worried about you listening to?" Of course I'd bat my eyelashes and say, "Nope." I knew she didn't believe me and I knew she played them when I wasn't home. Talk about an education.

Their top songs were Fire, Pleasure, Pain, Skin Tight,  Sweet Sticky Thing,  Funky Worm, Sweat, Love Rollercoaster. See the pattern there? This group still tours intermittently but none of the originals, who were called the Ohio Untouchables when they began, participate. Only one guy is left (Marshall Jones, the badass bass player) and he lives in Jamestown, Ohio. Believe me they were wild. W-w-w-wild I tell ya.

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