Friday, January 22, 2016


All right here are a few of my favorite divas. I remember when Miss Patti was a Bluebelle and was selling her heart to the junkman up to when she headed LaBelle and then broke out on her own. Enjoy your divadom with your select concert dates, your empire and your boo. Yes, when I'm 71 I intend to be so blessed.

Phyllis Hyman. Phyllis Hyman. A singer from the 70s and Pittsburgh who loved performing in Philly. What can I say about her except that her voice was lush and full of emotion (man could she sing emotion)  and is so sorely missed. So many terrific songs by her. My top ones? Her cover of The Stylistics Betcha By Golly Wow, Meet Me on the Moon which sends me over the moon every time I hear it. It gives me chills. Oh Phyllis, honey, if only you could have told the fools to step off, we'd still be hearing your voice.

And Miss Baker! Where the Hell are you? You need to show these pretenders, along with Miss Jackson, how a queen entertains. New music please!

I will be listening to all of these ladies' efforts this snowy weekend. You should too.

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