Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy "Multicultural" Romance Book New Year. NOT! 2016

                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I really do mean that. May you forget the disappointments and the coulda-shoulda-woulda of 2015. I vow to myself to try to NOT let the fools get me down in 2016.

My resolutions? Like I said, not to let the unenlightened get me down. That refers mainly to the still cretinous romance book review world. As I stated in another blog, I'm over the diversity in romance publishing boondoggle. Done. Stick a fork in it done. Put it on a platter done. Yawn. And yawn again. My books aren't MULTICULTURAL, I feel bad because I'm supposed to embrace that description. I see why the designation is needed but it reeks of segregation. My romances are like the gazillion out there BUT happen to have non-Caucasian leads. That is all. If you ever see a book of mine classified as MULTICULTURAL, it is because others have labelled it so. They can do it. Not me. Not that bloggers and writers and readers shouldn't want to know what the premise of a book is. BUT to have to KNOW if the leads AREN'T Caucasian? Oh my.

Nope. Won't play the game. But really, some in the romance world are best put in a dark room, never to be heard from again until they shed their bigoted ways. And no that is NOT a plot to one of those creepy abduction/assault/I-love-you but-I'm-awkward with-women-so-to-get-a-date-I-have-to-kidnap-one/Stockholm Syndrome "romances" that are all the rage. Fools will make me have to meditate twice a day if I take them seriously. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, I'm better. Bring on 2016!

End of rant.


  1. You write romances. Good ones. I laughed reading that last paragraph description:)

  2. Thank you, RK for the compliment. And when will I see more work from you, my dear? And on the stuff that's all the rage right now? What can I say except this warhorse is out of effs to give!