Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This year has been one of surprises. Bad and good.  Plus, no let up. Two more entertainers and a politician have passed over. One from a former top T. V. show; one from the music world and one from Cuba.

Ron Glass, of the 70s T. V.’s show, Barney Miller fame died last week. He played the stylish, “playa” detective who always had a side hustle going on outside his main squad room gig. His character, Det. Ron Harris, was funny and progressive for the time. For you young’uns, you might remember him on the T. V. show Firefly in his later years. He was 71.

Soul singer Colonel Abrams died last week. He was big during the disco era but for his dance/funk music. Not a huge star but he did leave his mark. His Trapped was one of the most requested songs that DJs had to spin to kick off lots of after work “Happy Hours” to get the party started after a crappy day. Sadly, he was ill (diabetic) and living on the streets. He was 67.

Last but surely not least, Fidel Alejando Castro Ruiz died at the age of 90. The former strongman of Cuba elicits a plethora of emotions; all good, bad but never indifferent. Whatever you thought of him, if you thought of him at all, the man could not be ignored.  I could say lots about this man but I’ll tick a lock. Let’s just say I never understood while growing up, why I was supposed to hate this man and fear the tiny island of Cuba. That spot of land just was not on my radar as one to tremble about. Plus, I knew lots of people who “hated” the island and wanted it to sink into the ocean BUT could not wait to replenish their forbidden stashes of Cojibas by way of some convoluted subterfuge. 

I’ll leave that right there.

And now, some pictures. Yes. I'm partial to the ones from their days of reknown.

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