Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Twenty Year Anniversary of "Set It Off" - All female, Black quartet of talented actresses made box office bank and broke the Hollywood stereotype that films with "those" kinds of leads don't sell

This movie is soooooo good as a thriller, a heist film and as social commentary. Meaty roles that make you think. And Blair Underwood to stare at. Le sigh. Hollywood had no hopes for it as it had female leads. 4 Black female leads. Ha! Made for 9 million; it grossed 41 million! The F. Gary Gray directed film opened on Nov. 6, 1996. When it comes on T. V., even now, I still cry when Queen Latifah gets her chance to shine like James Cagney at the end. The soundtrack is unreal. Such a load of talent. Only other soundtrack with the same edge is the one for New Jack City. Twenty years gone already? Wow.

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