Thursday, November 10, 2016

The election or Weimar 2.0

What can I say? It took me a bit to gather this. And not because I was shocked or surprised. I felt strangely calm as the whole thing unfolded.

Hillary was sooooooooo close and it slipped through her fingers. The Gore Effect again.. A woman who was the only totally qualified ADULT, ready to run the nation without needing a remedial course on how the gov't works (when one is not being OBSTRUCTED at every effin turn) A WOMAN. Mrs. Clinton is my president.

Lots of self-hating white women voted for her opponent. And do not call out rural women, lower-class women or blue-collar women on that move. Tons of middle to upper class women voted AGAINST her. That put that man over the top. Phew! Patriarchy is like a vampire. It can only die if people are willing to kill it.

Factor in third party folk, non-voters and the plain angry racist move of "vote for the guy who will put those other people back in their place. Even if it's at my expense." Yep. Donald J. Trump is president-elect but fear and hate won the election.

Donald J. Trump. The Prez-Elect. The aged playboy. The hyped tycoon (Believe me. He ain't as rich as he says. Believe me). And the money he does have, well...He made it off the backs of the sort who voted for him. The voter who loves Fox News sound bites as much as they love cheese bites. The voter who somehow felt "their Amerikka" was slipping away. Yo, it was, is, because YOUR ATTENTION SPAN IS SHORTER THAN THE LIFE SPAN OF A FRUIT FLY.  You were weaned on reality tv. No wonder this election cycle was so much "fun." You were waiting for someone to throw a drink or pull a wig off. And it only could have gotten better if the debates had been held as cage matches.

Look, the orange one has been chosen. America, you got the person you deserved not the person you needed. Your tainted angry energy drew this cretin to you. It reflected his.

After Barack and Michelle leave the White House, class will have left the building. I see a return to the gaudy Reagan excess of the 80s once Mr. and Mrs. T move in.

Assaults on minorities on race and religion, have started already.

Now my impersonation of President Obama. Imagine his voice, but my words:

"Let me me be clear. I have weathered Neanderthals before. Just never believed one would be the U. S. prez elect. God. Bush-43 doesn't look as vile now. I've been reading accounts of fallout of the Trump Effect. Shootings, an attack on a Muslim woman in a Walmart because she was wearing a hijab. Right here in good, old S. Philly, my actual home turf, there was vandalism and "Sieg Heil 2016" and swastikas scrawled on buildings. And on and on. WTF? Is this the the kind of behavior that the Prez-Elect condones? Sadly, he does. He ran on that platform with every wink and nod he gave his rabid, misguided base. Angry, white folk and foolish, pouting minorities co-signed it when they voted for him. My grandmother always said that fragile egos are the most dangerous of any kind. I can see why now. Trump is responsible for building up his supporters' fragile egos so they feel quite free to act this ugly. 

But, hey, I intend to live my life, to go about my business. But I give all nut jobs fair warning, I will not allow ANYONE to step into me. This is my America too."

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