Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More of the same

Look what I came across in my perusing of a romance site’s new releases post. A new Harlequin Blaze romance with an interracial couple on the cover. A black woman/white man pair. A darker-skinned chick. Again, I am sure the Art Dept. at Harlequin thought it was being oh so now. Look, at least it took a chance. Dare I say that they must have read my rant on the deliberate whitewashing of covers to attract white readers? One can only hope. Ok. I got a tad happy ‘cuz the black heroine didn’t have a weave hanging down to her azz, didn’t come off as “street” and she was actually touching the hero. Still not looking at him though. Then I read on and, well, the book. The book itself should be so progressive. It contains two novellas featuring a species as the focus. Members of Helios come to Earth to romance the population. It’s a paranormal but oh, man. Here we go. A black chick gets the spotlight in the book. YAY! Sounds good. But, but…Harlequin, honey, I am certain some non-White authors had stories just as good. Did you even consider them? And do not tell me you did not get submissions. You know you get them. If the call went out for submissions, you got ‘em. You chose NOT to pick any of them. You pick stuff like that other “multicultural” train wreck of a romance you published a few months back with the self-hating half-Black heroine. So now with the release of this new book, all of RomanceLandia  will be taken on that lap around the pat-yourself-on-the-back track. You, Harlequin, will get undeserved kudos and unlimited Scooby snacks for being progressive and forward-thinking in filling the “multicultural” void. Puh-leeze.

This book clearly has a BLACK woman in it, but is not tagged as “multicultural” as most ALL other books are when one person in the lover’s duo is NOT White.  This book is being touted as “Urban Fantasy” and “Romance.” Two categories that get waaaaaay more searches, and eyes, on them then “multicultural.” This means this book will be “seen” by more potential buyers by simply being in those categories on Amazon. That helps those writers immensely! They will get MORE sales because they are not relegated to ONLY “multicultural.” This makes non-White romance writers see red. Their books with a non-White character gets shuttled off to “multicultural” ONLY! And anybody with a brain, knows that category gets the LEAST play on Amazon and other retailers! People are either too lazy to search, or are not interested in that category. That spells LOST SALES! While WHITE writers can pen the rainbow and will get listed in any category they, or their publisher, wish. And get tons of views! Do you get that that is segregation? Do you understand that? Do you understand that this practice seriously curbs a non-White writer’s earning potential? Their exposure? Is that sinking in? And people wonder why some non-White romance authors are a tad fed up. And most White writers sit on their hands, silent, acting innocent, reaping the benefits, happy to not rock the apple cart of the world of romance. But these same writers get all in their feelings when this is pointed out to them. But hey, I’m just putting it out there like it is.

The thing is not a one of us non-White, romance writers would be vocal about any of this ish if we were treated with respect by the industry, the reading public and by fellow White writers. But RomanceLandia can’t resists tooting its own horn at the expense of others. I have no ax to grind. But I do have an aversion to being pissed on and told it's raining.

The truth hurts like a son-of-a-bitch but it also sets you free.

This is how it is in RomanceLandia. There is nothing nice, ladylike, civil or just in that realm. It is as bloody as an MMA bout. Maybe more so. At least in MMA there are rules. In RomanceLandia, it is a cage fight without any rules. Everyday.

This is why proceed as I see fit and say what I want.  

And if you were wondering, those novellas in that new release were written by Addison Fox and Karin Whiddon. Two white authors.

P.s. I’m not posting the cover. But do go here to read the blurb and see the cover. And check the categories it’s listed in.

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