Friday, November 4, 2016

Doris Payne, jewel thief for the ages!

Doris Payne. Lil Ole Doris Payne looks like anyone of my friends grannies except she's a jewel thief. Been doing it since she was a teen. Miz Thing is now 86 and presently not incarcerated. Hate to say it but my granny would have loved to have had a sit-down with her. Hell, I would like a cup of tea with her. She was wanted by Interpol. She reportedly wants Kerry Washington to play her in a biopic. How ironic since the first hit indie role that Kerry had was in the film Lift, the story of a girl who shoplifts to gain her mother's love. Well Doris, you are out of luck. It's on record that Halle Berry holds the rights to your story and is developing the film.

In any event, what a life! And what stones.

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