Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tasty Excerpt from "The Felig Chronicles"

I thought this would be a tasty treat to keep you warm as we lead up to the Christmas holiday. Enjoy!

Chapter Six
Tina got away with one extra danish for herself after handing the excess out to Moz and the gang. She skipped Lowe’s lecture, thanked her van mates and took the commuter train home. Once home, she stripped out of her track suit and put on her tank top and baggy cotton pants. She turned off the A.C. and flung open the her bedroom window.
“Come on back, fucker,” she commanded. She settled down for a nap. Tina shoved her gun under the pillow next to her. As soon as she hit the sheets, Tatum jumped up onto the other side of the bed.
“Keep watch, boy, while I catch a few winks. Howl real loud if anything looks funny.” She patted his head, then rolled onto her side, facing the window.
Insistent knocking on the apartment door jarred Tina awake. Tatum was already off the bed and was trotting toward the sound. Tina looked at the clock on the bed stand.
8 p.m. She’d been napping for four hours! More knocking. Tina reached for her gun, bounded off the mattress and was at the front door in a flash. “Who is it?”
Unintelligible mumbling greeted her.
“Is that you, Teddy? Better not be. Who is it?” This time Tina put her ear to the portal. This time she heard. She nudged Tatum back with her foot and unlocked the door. “As I live and breathe. What brings you to this part of town?”
“Something you said. May I come in?” asked a sheepish Nate Lowe. “I’d rather not discuss it in the hallway.”
Tina backed up, waved Nate into the apartment and closed the door.
“Coffee? Something to eat? No more danish though.”
“Yes to both questions. I am hungry.” Nate assessed Tina. Nice looking woman.
Not a giddy girl. Damn good looking woman actually. Fit, pretty face, quick wit. A lot like Karen. Under different circumstances, Tina would be right up his alley. But he had no desire to risk anything.
“Sit at the table and I’ll go play with pots and pans.”
Nate took a seat at the dining room table. His knee hit something hard. Reaching under the table, he retrieved Tina’s AK-47. This woman knew her weapons. A hint of a smile flashed across his face as he fingered the gun.
“You’ve discovered my little friend,” said Tina as she set the coffee service on the table.
“You favor a lot of firepower.”
“It’s useless though. I emptied my magnum into that thing and it kept on moving. Cream? Sugar?”
“Black is fine.” Tina poured; Nate sipped slowly. “Guns are no use. It just gives us humans false security.” He pulled out a notepad. “Tell me your story.”
“My mom had requested that to keep the bedroom window open just for some real air. Just a little bit. She was changing into her nightclothes while I was in the hallway. I heard a cry, ran back to the room. It had her in its grasp.”
“What did it look like?”
“I call it a bug/bird. When visible, it had colorless, papery opaque wings. Kind of nondescript.”
“How big?” he quizzed over the rim of the cup.
“It filled the wall of the room.” Tina threw up her arms to demonstrate. “It definitely had an intelligence.”
What makes you say that?”
“When I tried to chase it away, it just grinned at me.”
“Not a laugh. A grin. Like it knew my efforts were futile and it knew it had the upper hand.” The timer dinged in the kitchen. “Dinner. Excuse me.”
They finished the rest of the stew and the cornbread. Tina rummaged in the frig and found a bottle of chablis. They took the bottle and two wine flutes into the living room. Tina found conversing with Nate easy. It had the rhythm of a tennis match. He was personable and she had to admit after checking him out a bit that he was extremely fuckable. His jeans were snug, not tight. His blue T-shirt matched his eyes. It hugged his deceivingly muscular form in the correct places. He had a kind of been there, done that expression. It appealed to her. Tina had no time for people without histories.
“And that was my Matty and that’s why I need her back.” Tina swallowed the contents of her flute in one swig.
“My wife was snatched from right under my nose. We were in a car one minute, then poof! she was gone.”
“It hurts. Leaves a void.”
“Yes a void. Tina, I think we can help each other. Would you join my team?”
“Would I have to travel?”
“Only if required.”
“I have to sleep on it.” She held his glass and poured more wine for him.
“Only fair. I apologize for my behavior earlier today.” Nate took the flutes and the bottle and set them on the coffee table. Without hesitation, he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

eBook piracy. No! Please bypass theft!

I want to make a short comment on a topic near and dear to me. Especially at this time of year.
Pirates are alive and well and living amongst us. No, not the one-legged ones with parrots on their shoulders sitting on Davey Jones locker. I'm talking about the "file sharing" ones who suck the life from a writer. How do I know this? 'Cuz not one, but two of my books are on file sharing websites. I guess I should be flattered that folks want to read my stuff. I want them to want to, but I would prefer that they buy a copy. Call me a money-grubbing capitalist but I'd like to make a living as a writer by selling my work, not giving it away illegally.

I just wanted to remind readers: please support the writers who desire to entertain you. We work very hard to create stories to carry you away to other worlds. Please buy our books, electronic or otherwise. When a writer discovers that their work has been or is being pirated, the process of getting it removed from such a website is excruciating. Annoying and time-consuming is the best way I can describe it. I could elaborate but yawning would ensue.
With the holiday season upon us, books are on people’s lists to give and to get. If offered a pirated site to get downloads, please decline using the site. Buy your books from legitimate bookstores. Enjoy the season, buy some books and bypass these file sharing sites.

Book: “The Felig Chronicles” by PJ Dean, eXtasy booksBuy Link:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Romance heroines

I have adored romance books since I was 14 years old. The daring, brave men. The ripe, succulent heroines. They are old hat now but paved the way for new heroes and heroines. I loved the way a hero would sweep a girl off her feet and save the day. Then the more I read, I realized that the reason that I admired the hero was because I wanted to be him. I wanted to sweep the guy off his feet, help save the day and still be desirable. Is that too much to ask? Well, I think that I have created that mind-set in every heroine that I have ever created.

Isabella de Turenne from "Faithful", my first romance, set in 16th century France is quite a match for Blaise, her love. Kindred from "Kindred" , my African-American freed woman is an equal to her Oneida Indian mate, Lelaheo and my best yet, the African-American mercenary Tina Cain and her Caucasian lover/partner, Nate Lowe, from my "The Felig Chronicles" series take turns rocking each other's worlds in more ways than one. I am proud of all my women.

What kind of heroine do you want to be?

Saturday, December 11, 2010



If you came over from the exfactor group or Devine Destinies group joint Xmas party, here's the question to answer for a surprise prize. Question: What connection does the villain have to Nate in "The Felig Chronicles?" Leave your answer below and any comments. I'll pick two winners.