Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy Birthday, Michael. This is the MJ I'll remember. The one with all the potential. The one who had no childhood. The one who lit up the room and the sky. The genius. Born August 29, 1958. Gone too soon? Yes and no.He served his purpose while here and never skimped on a performance. He gave too much but that is what fans expect. For one to live for them and to allow them to draw the essence out of an artist until they fold in and return to where ever. Well, where ever you are, Michael, sing, dance and be. Happy Birthday

Friday, August 26, 2016


The Isley Brothers

A group from Cincinatti, OH. Been active since 1954 and still going strong. The group consisted of Ron, Ernie, Vernon, Rudolph, Marvin, O'Kelly and Chris Jasper. They were brothers, cousins and related by marriage but they all were and are family. Three have passed away. Ron was the breakout star and now at the age of 75, along with Ernie is still making hits. I always thought Ernie Isley was the BEST, underrated guitarist in the business. Their music catalogue is too vast to name. But my favs are Harvest for the World and  their remake of Summer Breeze. Ernie's guitar is golden on those cuts.

Oh my. Peep that fur and those boots. A playa never dies.

The Gap Band

Hailing from Tulsa, OK (hence the cowboy hats and cowbells in their music) These brothers (Charlie, Ronnie and Robert) from the Greenwood district of Tulsa tore up the charts in the 70s and 80s. Party Train being a big hit. Robert is gone but Charlie is the breakout star in this group. After battling drug addiction, his life has been on track for years and "Uncle Charlie" can put on a show to shame the youngsters and the Devil. At 63, his curtain call time is usually 3 a. m. You can't be a wuss and keep up with Chollie.

Smooth Charlie

Monday, August 15, 2016

PORTALS, VOLUME 6 is out and it's FREE!

Well, lookie here! PORTALS, volume 6 is officially out (August 3rd). And I'm in this one too. I was in the first one too. Volume 7 comes out later this month. It will be the last one. I do hope you have enjoyed these first chapters from selected Scifi Romance books. A way to sample a book or unknown before plunking down your ducats for the whole thing. I've read them and have found new authors to follow. As alway, I am honored to have been part of a successful project. Can wait to see what the ladies of SFR think up next.

And did I mention all PORTALS are FREE! Check your ebook seller, download them and travel to other worlds or meet an alien or two!

Portals: Volume One by [Brittan, Lyn, Burnard, Marcella, Dean, P.J., Frelick, Donna S., Green, Laurie A., Grayson, Athena, Pajonas, SJ, van der Rol, Greta, Scott, Veronica, Williams, Sandy]

Friday, August 12, 2016

The tale of two Simones and a Homer - Update: Add Miles Chamley-Watson's Bronze too!

Simone Biles and Simone Manuel won their heats Thursday night. Manuel tied for Gold with Canadian Penny Olesiak (kudos, Pen). Both young, hard-working women brought home the Gold. These African-American women made firsts and broke records and myths. Yes, we swim. And when we do, we kick butt. Hail, les deux Simone! Leave their hair and Gabby's hair alone! When you DEVOTE your LIFE to something other than your Remi or "how many bundles will make me look like a RHOA?" then maybe, maybe you can talk. Hard-achieved congrats ladies!

The other star of the day was Daryl Homer of the Bronx. He won the Silver in individual saber. My heart is bursting. So proud of this young man. Born in the U. S. Virgin Islands, he is a joy to watch due to his drive and enthusiasm and skill.

All, breaking barrriers and records. When a chance is given, skill is unstoppable. I love it.

Add Miles Chamley-Watson's team bronze in foil fencing too!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Olympian Whisperer - George "Pup" Williams, Track and Field coach at St. Augustine's College in North Carolina

This underrated coach has groomed and sent more track and field stars to the Olympics since God was in knee pants! Pup Williams' finds come from the best HBCUs (that's HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES) in the U.S. Tons of his prospects hail from the islands (Barbados, St. Vincent, The Grenadines, on and on and of course the U. S. of A. He has won 36 national titles and has shaped 40 of his "kids" into OLYMPIANS over FORTY YEARS!  And he has accomplished this all from his only job of FORTY YEARS at St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, N. C. 

He has over a dozen competing in the present Olympic Games.

Go, Mr. Williams, Go!

Hollywood, give this man a movie!

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Barack Obama, Senior and Ann Dunham

All I can say is thank you to his 'rents for meeting. And thank you, Mister President.
Happy Birthday and many more!
Sure you can't run for a third term?
August 4th, 1961