Sunday, September 15, 2019

Joan Johnson, co-founder of Johnson Products along with her husband built an empire and groomed the hair, and conscience, of a generation

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founders of Johnson Products - Joan Johnson and husband, George E. Johnson in their early years

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The Johnsons later in life

Wow. Does this bring back memories.

Johnson Products.

I must have used EVERY hair care item Mr. and Mrs. Johnson manufactured back in the day

First, it was the relaxer line which I used off and on for years until I dropped the creamy crack a decade and a half back. And before then, and occasionally to this day, I hot comb my hair the old fashioned way.

Oh God. Early relaxers were an hours long process. I cringe when I recall the torture. One of my uncle's owned a beauty shop and he REFUSED to do them. Said a "press and curl" was good enough. He lost money but his tried and true church ladies kept him in business.

Ultra Sheen Relaxer. Ultra Sheen Conditioner and Hairdress for Extra Dry Hair.  Ultra Sheen Original Formula. Ultra Sheen Creme Satin Press

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And when I wore my faithful Afro, I bought ALL the products to keep that looking presentable. The afros in the following videos are what kids today call GOALS)

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Afro Sheen Easy Comb Shampoo. Afro Sheen Blowout Kit for the natural. Afro Sheen Oil Spray.

I could work up a mess in the bathroom with the oil spray.Tricky thing was, you thought you weren't using that much. UNTIL. UNTIL. You noticed your shoes were slipping on the tile floor and you were coughing.

And no I NEVER had a Jheri Curl. The amount of activator I saw people run through scared me away.

What we do for fashion.

They even produced cosmetics for the variety of  Black skin tones. I bought several.

I thank Ms. Johnson and her husband for creating the products because before that our options were for press and curl only - My Knight, Dixie Peach (which came as Dixie Peach Red and Dixie Peach Pomade), Royal Crown, Dax, and Blue Magic.

R. I. P. Mrs. Johnson. You pushed a generation to embrace itself eventually!

Sunday, September 1, 2019


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Okay! Okay! Okay!

Dude, put on your purple flares, your platform shoes with the clear heels and your matching Qiana shirt and I'll slip on my co-ordinating mauve-colored, Qiana wrap skirt with matching bodysuit and a pair of beige Candies.

Oh, and don't forget your gold chains and the coiffure of your choice. Afro or Slicked straight back like Tony Manero's.

It's that time again.

Sing along while you Hustle around the dance floor.

It's SEPTEMBER. Finally.

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