Monday, June 29, 2015

WRNB - OLD SCHOOL 100.3 - Playing the soundtrack of my life 24/7


My favorite radio station (yeah, RADIO STATION) WRNB OLD SCHOOL 100.3 FM broadcasts from Philadelphia.They play Motown, disco, New Jack Swing, funk, R&B, Hip Hop all from the 70s, 80s ,90s and beyond. I love this station and it is on at least 8 hours a day, or longer, in my abode. With personalities Chubb Rock, Lady B, DJ TouchTone(the only blind DJ in the business), Tiffany Bacon, Dianna Williams, Derek Sampson, and on and on, I am fifteen again.

I don't do mp3 players even though I have one. Hell, I still have a Walkman and a record player and a tape recorder and a landline. I find it funny ha ha that companies (out to get your hipster money) are now peddling transistor radios and turn tables and old fashioned cameras that need film and typewriters. Why buy one? Ask your grandparents for the ones they have packed away in their attic, garage or basement. Everything old is new again. So glad I saved my ish. But I digress.

So, if you love old school music and don't own a radio, listen online at and dance around your house to some Parliament Funkadelic.

The great Octavia R. Butler - SciFi writer and one of the inspirations for my writing race into Scifi and paranormal romance

This lady's work didn't get, nor does it get, HALF the notice or praise of mediocre people writing in her genre now. And you all know who you are. Yes, I said it and the truth shall set you free! She has been an inspiration for me because she dared to insert BLACK people into Scifi writing. Not just as a writer but with her characters. The world of publishing. Ah! That colorblind (more like blind period), benevolent, happy place that was/is still chugging along, content in depicting a future without folk of darker hue in the books they buy and market. And in the ones they produce that do have POC? Big ole face palm. Decent depictions are still far and few in between.

Anyhoo, Ms. Butler wrote of people of color in her Scifi writing. Her Kindred, Parable of the Sower, Bloodchild, etc. Masterpieces all. Wow! What a concept! POC in the the future. And we were just as spectacular or regular as any Caucasian character in a Scifi book.

Thank you.

You gave me courage to pen a Black heroine who carries the paranormal series I created. You gave me the courage to place her front and center and make no apologies for it. She's not a sidekick. She's not the magic Negro voice of reason. She's not the oddly-hued placeholder for a member of a mock POC race. She is a Black, human female. Flawed as hell and human as hell while being it.

My talent is nowhere near Ms. Butler's but what I have created is mine and she gave me the power to do so.

 Thank you.

The sole current Scifi writer I can think of who is fit to wear her crown? N. K. Jemisin hands down. So, Octavia Butler may be gone but she lives on in all the Black female writers of Scifi. And maybe of paranormal.

Hey, Hollywood adapt some of her stuff.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Jackson and the 6 year void that STILL can't be filled!

This is one of my favorite photos of Michael Jackson. Handsome, relaxed and before all the face- altering surgeries. Just an attractive Black man doing what made him soar. Gone 6 years today and I miss his talent terribly. My favorite MJ song? Impossible to pick but I am partial to "BUTTERFLIES." Sweet, light and heavy at the same time and full of passion. Like him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

R. I. P. James Horner - One of the best movie soundtrack composers since John Williams, Bernard Herrmann and Quincy Jones

You might not think this post has anything to with romance but guess what? It does. The man's work has been witness to many a manuscript written by me. He composed sweeping, engulfing, stimulating music. Perfect to accompany romance reading, writing or doing what behooves you while listening to evocative music. I just had to acknowledge this man because I adore, adored his talent. Movie soundtracks. I love them and own a number of them and keep searching for more (the really good ones). I write to them. I get inspiration from them. The soundtrack from "The Last of the Mohicans" was blaring when I was penning "Kindred, An American Love Story." Anyhoo, James Horner the composer of a lot of my favorites died in a plane crash yesterday. ;( The man wrote heavenly, moving music. Music that was memorable. Not just noise in the background to dialogue. I loved the Oscar-winner's work. "Braveheart" "Star Trek 2" Titanic" "The Missing" "A Beautiful Mind" "Avatar" "Legends of the Fall" "Apollo 13" "Glory", on and on. Oh man. If you like Orff, Horner's soundtrack for "Glory" will give you shivers. Oh man. Just sad to lose beauty.


This is a 49 year-old woman. Miss Jackson if ya nasty! Yes, she's had the best in life for a very long time so she can afford to look good. Yes, she is married to a guy with access to BILLIONS but still, she had a good framework. But more importantly, she's coming back in September to tour and to sing, and is back to collaborating with the masters of New Jack Swing, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. YES-S-S-S! Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, this will make Rihanna, Nicki, Igloo Australia and yes, even Queen Bey sit down and take several friggin' seats. BRING IT, JANET! SHOW THESE YOUNG'UNS HOW IT'S REALLY DONE! GAME ON!

ps Oh, and BTW, you look mah-velous, dahling. Welcome the hell back!

Friday, June 19, 2015

DEJA VU, ALL OVER AGAIN! - Instead of a bomb and 4 little girls, it's a gun and 9 adults

This post is for the kind sheep who lost their lives because they let a wolf into their trusting midst on a Bible study night. May you rest in peace.

Heads up, or should I say "Weave" up, RACHEL DOLEZAL! Look closely. These were REAL BLACK people. Take notes since you seem to like to bone up on your subject. Yes, REAL. Not spray-tanned, caricatured crimes against nature masquerading as such.
SOUTH CAROLINA! Do the nation, you say you lurve so much, a favor. Take down that friggin' Confederate Flag from the State Capitol!

Monday, June 15, 2015

L'affaire Dolezal - The 15 minutes ain't up yet?

I've expressed my feelings on l'affaire Dolezal. And the puss above explains it beautifully in one look. Already the story is getting weirder and weirder. Check out the links below on the continuing saga and some viewpoints from activists on both sides of the aisle on this news item. Cheer up Puss-Puss! That spray-tanned insult to real Black women will go away after she seals her book, movie and reality show deals. The defunct One-Drop Rule cooked up by slave owners of long ago, but lives on in mass memory like encroaching ivy, is serving her very, very well even though she has not one drop of Black in her anywhere (A post on that racist genetics shell game I'll post at another time). The news is full of her nonsense yet the Dominican Republic is set to expel its citizens of Haitian descent who were born there after 1929, or came there after 1929, on Thursday. And who says America doesn't know how to prioritize?

Tom Joyner's take:

Author and activist Tim Wise's take:

Saga, Part 2

Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh Rachel, chile! What have you done?


Wait. That's not true. I have a few. Ms. Dolezal can be whatever she wants to be. As long as she takes the total package that comes with being Black in America. The good and the horrid. No picking a la carte like from a menu. But she seems to have chosen to bypass the whole "messy" part of actually being Black and gone for total appropriation via her version of some Zen bullshit. Honey, just stay in your lane and work your good from there. No need to dress in "blackface" to "feel my pain." You can do so much more good being yourself and informing those who look like you what the real deal is. Yes, I even read somewhere that some fools called her "transracial." Please. Does that work in reverse? Can I get me some of that "privilege" expedited overnight if I "feel" an attack of White coming on? Can FedEx do that?

I doubt it. Greatly. No amount of skin bleaching, blue contacts or blond, straightened hair or posturing would transform me into a North Face-wearing, Starbucks-drinking wannabe. This deception is a slap in the face not a tribute. Just another way of showing, hey, "I can substitute you anytime I want. I can out-Black you. A real you is not required." Instances like this are the only time I give persons like Kim K., Iggy A and  et al. a glance. I never knew their appeal in society. But now I get it. They are Afro-Lite. All the appearance and none of the responsibility. And definitely none of the burden. With "stand-ins" like these, who needs the real thing? This so mimics the nuttiness going on in the world of romance publishing. Writers of color need not apply because, "hey look, we got writers here already who know how a Black, Latina, Indian heroine would sound and we don't need your input!" There are several Rachel Dolezal-like writers in the multicultural romance genre. And you know who you are. Dishing up "realness" you soaked up researching on the internetz. Oh, yes, Rachel is not alone by any stretch.

If this masquerade is true, she has committed no crime in being part of the NAACP. Anyone can join. The question is:Did she fib on her employment application? If so, she used deception. I don't get it. Reads like that bad movie "Soul Man." Why, Rachel? Why?

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Monday, June 8, 2015

La Reine Serena! All hail the Queen, Dammit!

In the midst of all the WTFery going on in McKinney, Tejas, I forgot to praise Miz Serena Williams on her 20th title win at the French Open! This woman from Compton with nothing but her skill, her sister and her unswerving parents (Go, Richard!) deserve it all. I could comment on all the sexist, racist remarks on Yahoo and Twitter, but I won't because I'm too classy and why sully Serena's moment any further. Do it, Miz Serena. Sharapova who?

An uncivil servant at work - Another day at the office in good, ole McKinney, Texas

I am really sick and tired of this type of occupation, oh, excuse me, this type of protecting and serving going on. I'm also very sad that nothing surprises me anymore. Anyhoo, watch the clip. And you decide. Personally, if it were my child, I'd bring charges so fast, I'd end up OWNING McKinney, Texas, even though I wouldn't want the sorry-assed place. Oh, and that petty fonctionnaire with a gun and a badge, AND the McKinney PD, AND that idyllic enclave where all this ish went down? They ALL would be cutting checks to my effin' DESCENDANTS by the time I got through. My grandfather always said "People who act like they don't understand you, comprehend with the quickness when you hit 'em in the pocketbook."

Disgusting and pathetic is this, man. He was suspended but all that means is he's home, on paid leave, drinking beer on the patio while a Kickstarter campaign is probably being started for his defense.

Wanna know something else funny and disgusting? Not three weeks ago in WACO, TEXAS, biker gangs went at it in a PUBLIC parking lot ending in the DEATHS of about nine people. Cops stood around doing nothing. NOTHING. Double standard much? Why? Because bikers are dangerous and will rip out a cop's spine and pick their teeth with it while he screams. YOU DON'T MESS WITH. BIKERS. LET. ALONE TEXAS BIKERS. Let the Feds handle them. And so Waco's finest did just that. They sat out the dance.

Yeah. Protect and serve. But only from Black-While-Attending-a-Pool- Party kids who were invited in the first damned place.

 I'm done.

Roll tape.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


The doe-eyed, one above on his very first album cover is...drum roll, please! Officially 57 years old on June 7th. See photo of Prince today, below. He's STILL slayin' 'em. I loved this artist even through all his name changes. Somehow I do not think Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or 2 Chains will be performing ANYWHERE when they reach their 50s. Plus, I don't think I'd want to see it. Just sayin'.

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Friday, June 5, 2015


I haven't done this in a while but...Howdeeeeeee! to all the folks who visit this cubby on the interwebs to see what I'm blathering about the treatment of writers of color in the romance publishing industry and things Black-centric. No, I'm not a raised, clenched fist kind of girl but some issues do call for tense hand-waving and a stiff middle finger. Anyhoo, I'm always shocked when any fellow Americans stop by but citizens from around the globe? I am humbled and in awe that you guys are even interested in, and can find this Popsicle stand. So hey there, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Italy, Australia, China. Excuse me if I've missed anyone. I'll shout out as I see you pop up. Enjoy your weekend! And thanks for stopping by. Really.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fun Black history fact - Sequin City of North Bergen, New Jersey, the place to go for all things glittery!

Need a boatoad of sequins and such? Look no further. If you come to the NE of the U.S. A., Raymond Hill is your man on the job. The fashion world, celebrities and shoe designers count on Sequin City to outfit them in sparkle beyond belief. Mr. Hill turned a pink slip into gold and never looked back. He ended up buying his ex-employer's building. For Mr. Hill, revenge was a dish best served with spangles.

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