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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The ridiculous case against Courtney Milan the romance writer, Part 2

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The ridiculous case against Courtney Milan the romance writer

It's all over the news (the world of romance news, that is)

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Harpies ahoy!

Well, the harpies are flying and pooping all over everything and it's not even Halloween. Folks kill me when you point out their clearly racist ways then in their guilt, they yell back at you, like a butt-hurt six-year old, "Racist!" because you called them on their clearly racist bullshyte. Seems a special few harpies at the Romance Writers of America (the RWA) have unleashed this ill-conceived tactic on a romance writer by the name of Courtney Milan.

Ms. Milan, a Chinese-American woman, once sat on the board of RWA. She helped them impliment a, get ready, here it comes, that word I despise, DIVERSITY policy. The woman brought the ladies-who-lunch into the 21st century kicking and screaming while holding onto their sweater sets and pearls. And this is the thanks she gets! That saying, "No good deed goes unpunished" is true And the witches at RWA went out of their way to censure Ms. Milan. They knew they could not get a consensus from the legit board, so when the harpies in question (I will not utter their names or print them 'cuz i would not want to waste MY time unleashing lawyers on them if they were to come at me) did their dirty work, they CREATED A SEPARATE PANEL/ COUNCIL/ LYNCH MOB, whatever you wanna call it, to ban, chastize and censure Ms. Milan, The heifers went behind the back of the legit board and assembled their own litlle hit squad. A squad that would back and soothe their whining, their butt-hurt feelings, their bruised WHITE PRIVILEGE at being called out.  They timed the hit to coincide with holiday festivities. How Francis Ford Coppola of them.

See. That right here is why the established romance organizations, like RWA, will NEVER get any of my coins. I'd never join these "popularity clubs" where the cult of personality holds sway. Where the awards go to the same people for the same shyte, year after year.

Oh, honey, let me interject here. I've seen some RACIST crap get nominated for awards over the years that still blows my mind to this day. I mean how could one forget Kate Breslin's "For Such A Time" that tearjerker about true love between a NAZI COMMANDANT at a concentration camp and a Jewish female in the camp.This kind of nonsense is why I stay off Twitter.

I've never read it, but it seems Ms. Milan's criticism of "Somewhere Lies the Moon" by Kathryn Lynn Davis, was the straw that broke that camel's back. The chick was so triggered that she unleashed her kraken on Milan. Davis is one of two who filed the complaint against Milan. One of the complainants further showed her hand when she pulled the "I-am-not-racist" card when she said she'd liked a tweet from those African-American conservative clowns, Diamond and Silk on Twitter. Yeah. Liking their tweets spells not racist. O-O-Okay.

Courtney has been a brave soul to enter the viper's nest of RWA, and then she had the "effrontery" to mention that there is racism and bias in the romance industry and in a shitload of the AUTHORS in the industry - POOF! she gets the shaft. No surprise there.

Look. I know that writers of color want awards and recognition and MONEY just like their Caucasian counterparts get. It's only right but the price of admission is high. Too high. I do not seek or need validation from some unknown group of broads. The industry is progressing but at a snail's pace still when it comes to inclusivity. And I, for one, do not follow snails. They leave a slimey trail behind them I rather not walk in. I saw the game loooong ago. These "venerated' organizations let writers of color in under a "special" banner. That accursed "multicultural" one. Which signaled to me that they NEVER thought these writers, or their works, were equal and therefore, fit to compete with the writers and their works in the "mainstream." Why the divide? Books are books. Writing is writing. The sole thing different is the writer. A writer who is going to give a varied perspective on the status quo in love stories. A perspective that must be rather explosive (or feared, as those in the "mainstream" aren't likely able to produce this other perspective). So, these "multicultural" stories couldn't just be blended in with the other stories these organizations tout? Umm. I see and I also saw inherent bias before the curtain rose on that carefully orchestrated okey-doke of a shyte-show. As a writer (and a damned good one, if I say so myself)  I want only 3 things - 1) to write; 2) have an audience for said writing and 3) have said audience PAY for reading said writing. I'm not on this Earth to "prove something" to strangers. Nor to change bigots' minds and hearts. And I sure as hell am not here to boost their their fragile egos. Naw. I'm good. Keep your Scooby snacks, head pats and insincere accolades.

Ms. Milan didn't deserve this affront. She spoke truth to power.

Don't be fooled by the representatives of power's softer side. It's still power. It's just swathed in cashmere and silk and pearls, and Shalimar. And it still can't abide hearing truth.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Happy and Joyous 2019 Holidays to all!

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Don't eat too much. 
Don't drink too much. 
And definitely don't don't do too much of either and drive! 
Otherwise, celebrate!

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Big Mama Thornton - Early queen of blues and rock

Willie Mae Thornton, better known as Big Mama Thornton, was born December 11, 1926, a few steps outsde Montgomery, Alabama.

Willie Me Thornton
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A blues stylist and song writer, her recording of "Hound Dog" long before Elvis Presley's version, was a smash hit too.It sold over 2 million copies but she only pocketed 500 bucks! Somehow, I do not think Elvis' take was that meager when he covered it.

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She sang and wrote for the Hot Harlem Revue Group under the mentorship of one "Diamond Teeth  Mary" McClain (a contemporary of Bessie Smith and the one person who was bedside when the star was left to bleed to death in a segregated hospital). There she also played drums, harmonica, and guitar.She ventured out on her own after almost a decade with the band. She toured and made some money but it dissipated as quickly as she got it. A staple on the blues circuit, she was a well-known name. Unfortunately, as the popularity of blues waned, her bookings dried up but she persevered and survived through recording sales.

"Diamond Teeth Mary" McClain
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With the 70s and earyl 80s came a resurgence of her career as newbies re-discovered her. She went on the road again happily but years of excessive drinking, a weight problem and issues from the combination of both had taken their toll. She last performance was in 1983 at the Newport Jazz Festival.

She passed in 1984, aged 57 years 

Big Mama Thornton - "Hound Dog"   (I have no idea why a photo of Josephine Baker is the image running throughout this video)

A retrospective on "Diamond Teeth Mary" McClain

Monday, November 25, 2019

The slave revolts, and the history of them, that Kanye West apparently doesn't know about or care to know about

A significantly important portion of the history of Black people in America is being rewritten, piece by piece, before my eyes every week. Yes. Nearly every  week some apologist "historian" "discovers" that Black people were NOT held captive in servitude without any end in sight for hundreds of years. And that we were "unpiad, imported workers.."  Oh, yes. Yet another opportunistic soul, much like that MK-ultra'd, bewitched dunce Kanye West. The one who makes scads of the non-Black population (specifically White evangelicals) feel not a hair guilty about their holy ancestors' muderous part in the past. Yeah. I said it.


Lord, help him.

Just a few days ago, he warmed White supremacists' hearts even more. He appeared wearing a jacket sporting a sizeable Confederate flag patch. Anything for attention. Kanye, didn't your mom hug you enough? Isn't Kim hugging you enough?

But I digress.

                                                 Denmark Vesey

This whole revisionist ' revisionist history thing got my research antennae whipping around. I stopped to ponder and seek out if there were more than the one slave rebellion that have been documented. The one I've always heard about is the raid on Harper's Ferry led by abolitonist  John Brown and crew. But two others i was not as familiar with. One was "the rising"planned and executed by a freedman named Denmark Vesey. He organized it in Charleston, SC. His revolt was famous because it damned near worked! But "the rising" like all daring actions, was betrayed by cowardly insiders - Joe LaRoche and George Wilson. When it got too real, they bolted and ran to tell master all the details.So yeah, it failed. But it happened. There is even an excellent book, "Denmark Vesey: The Buried History of America's Largest Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led It" " by David Robertson for those interested.

The other one I researched is the German Coast Slave Uprising of 1811. Yo, Kanye! Have you read up on this? No lazy Negroes there either! Anyhoo, the revolt was surprsingly documented by the U. S. It took place on January 8, 1811 in LaPlace, Louisiana, an area settled by German immigrants. The revolt was led by slave overseer, Charles Deslondes, who was a mixed race slave himself.. He managed to gather about 500 of the enslaved there and they cut through the town lighting fires at plantations and fighting adversaries. The group fought fearlessly but was conquered by a better-armed militia. Two Whites, ninety-five Blacks and countless more were killed without benefit of the process of law.

                                                   Charles Delondes

Needless to say, with these revolts came the out and out horrific torture and murder of their leaders along with a number of fellow rebels.  These 2 uprisings are but a smattering of the pushback the enslaved waged against their oppressors. The victor writes history and we know the victor NEVER writes himself in an unbecoming light.

So, pick up a book, or two, Kanye. Put down the MAGA hat. It's obscuring your view and restricting what gray matter you possess.

Friday, November 8, 2019

And in this week's false inclusivity sweepstakes...

Why do I harp on these things?

Because they matter and I do not like being pissed on and told it's raining. What I touch on here still holds true for the lie of inclusivity in the romance writing industry. In fact, for all fields where Black creatives dare to "intrude" and where they dare to demand a voice. Personally, I still believe in us building our own and not looking to the dominant culture to showcase us. I am no longer shocked when they don't or barely do. It's not their job. I just point out the  hypocrisy of those walking a tightrope on which they where forced to balance


Ho-hum. The coming holiday season, and next summer, have Black main characters in a couple animated films. Thing is they only appear for a sliver of screen time.

I saw the major bullshyte when Disney announced it was realeasing an animated 1st. A Black Disney princess. Black folk squeed and hollered and jumped for joy 'cuz the Mouse House was gonna give them their 1st Black princess, Tiana.

Image result for the princess and the frog

Poor Tiana. Poor suckered Black movie-goers. In every one of Disney's previous "princess" films, the specific Disney princess was seen throughout her movie.

But not Tiana. Nope.

In Disney's highly-touted film, devoted to its 1st Black princess, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), girlfriend was an effin FROG throughout HALF the film. And don't get me started on the fact that her prince was not a Black guy. And that the only other Black men in the thing died or were villains.

A freakin' FROG! OY!

Now, come the next few months, there will be animated films boasting that they have Black main characters." Come one, come all, Black folk. Naw. Don't fall for the okey-doke.

Image result for soul animated disney film

Pixar is delivering SOUL. Or more like, NOT delivering soul. The main character is voiced by Jamie Foxx. We get his character as a Black man. Yes, we see him in the film BUT mid-story his character dies! And then we see and hear Jamie's previously living, breathing Black man as an apparition. WHAT THE HELL! First, he can't be seen throughout the entire film as a BLACK MAN and then secondly, when he passes, he comes back as a WHITE GHOST! OY. He can't even be his Black self when he kicks! Talk about whitewashing.

Moving on.

Lastly, in the deceptively-inclusive Olympics, we have Spies in Disguise made by Blue Sky Studios. it's an animated 007-type flick with Will Smith in the lead role. He's a man of mystery. A master of disguise. A spy.. Hence, the film name. And the ready excuse as to WHY his clearly Black character won't be BLACK throughout a major portion of the film. The only thing I can say is at least Blue Sky was sly in their bias. Or is that the audience's bias? Big movies like this one get audience-tested before release. The studio gauges what needs to be tinkered with to get a positive response, and to bring in the big bucks. OY again. I am certain, Will Smith's character, Lance Sterling,  will be in disguise for over half the film. Can't have no black man being large and in charge. Even if he's an animated one

News flash: he's a PIGEON in a large part of the film. OY.

Image result for spies in disguise

Image result for spies in disguise

Apparently, films like these that tout inclusivity are analyzed out the wazoo for "receptivity."  Studoes toss their hats into the "inclusion fray" to expand their coffers. Not 'cuz they are being kumbayah-ish.  Only color they see is GREEN. So, they will pander to non-Whitticket buyers every once in a blue moon for the bank, while carefully walking a line that will not disturb their White ticket buyers

This holiday movie season, Summer 2020 movie time. I'm gonna take a hard pass on all the "inclusion." I'm tired of Black characters being everything but their human selves in animation. I think I'll pop some corn, sit back and watch classic, and/or campy, horror movies on my computer. At least they don't sugarcoat ish. They kill off the Black character right after the opening credits

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A comprehensive, in-depth, smart review of my historical romance, DISSENT

A non-Black blogger who gets it!

Yeah. I'm bringing race into it. If anyone tells you that not everything revolves around race here...They are either liars, deep asleep or never spent two minutes on this soil.

Yeah, I said it.

I thank Ms. Merry for taking the chance on acceptimg my review request, actually bothering to read my book and, surprise of all surprises, LIKING my book. She ADORED that it was not a run-of-the-mill, routine historical romance. She praised the fact that since it is a HISTORICAL romance it has HISTORY in it!

Can you imagine that? Something being what it is advertized to be?

She loved the detail. She loved how I blended  the research I did with my story-telling. She adored that it did not have the usual cast of characters.

It was different. Something she'd been craving.

The two most wonderful compliments she paid the book were that 1) it was long (which she liked) and that as a new mom she looked forward to returning to the story at the end of a busy day to get "swept up in Awa and Blaise's journey."

She called my book, "exquisite." Sigh.

She got the concept. She got my vision. The book had ALL the elements to qualify it as a historical romance but the main characters were atypical. She didn't whine about a "non-White heroine being hard to relate to."

She got it!

She didn't compare the book to other romances other than she wished they'd "change things up, and break down the usual cliches of the genre."

You got it, Ms. Merry. Thank you.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Jessye Norman, Diahann Carroll, Raye Montague - 3 exceptional women who quietly, or not so quietly, conquered naysayers

Jessye Norman
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Image result for jessye norman

Well, all three of these phenomenal women have gone on to their respective rewards. I'd been remiss as I'd only learned of Ms. Montague's passing. It'll be one year on Oct. 10th that she made transition.

Firsts. Ground-breakers. Pioneers.All the same words used to describe African Americans who defied stereotype. Who persevered despite setbacks. Who kicked in doors and begged no one's pardon. Who made others shut the eff up when they simply glanced in their direction.

To be the first, or nearly the first, in ANY capacity is a hard row to hoe for African-Americans. One must ignore bigots who LURVE to spew that one "only got the position to fill a quota." OY! One must also ignore the "crabs in a barrel mentality" from one's own and most assuredly one's own self-doubt.

Diahann Carrroll
Image result for diahann carroll

Image result for diahann carroll

A mother of a trifecta!

I'm sure all of these lovely women felt all of those barbs at one time or another but they kept going.

And the nigglings served them well.

Jessye, born into a musical family.  the Howard University- and Peabody Observatory-trained soprano reached the stratosphere in her profession. She also paid it forward by establshing a tuition-free program for disadvantaged students interested in pursuing the arts.

Short anecdote: I have an opera buff friend who met her once. Summoned to her dressing room after a performance, my friend was met at the door by La Norman, swathed in her Blackglamour mink and pearls, and SNEAKERS! She was quite real when it came to comfort.

Diahann, singer and actress who made a name for herself by helming the TV show "Julia" where she was the STAR. She played a nurse because she refused to be a maid on a TV show. On the nightitme soap, "Dynasty" she was Dominique Deveraux, head-bitch-in-charge/ millionaire Blake Carrington's illegitimate half-sister, and a worthy adversary to Joan Colins' character Alexis Carrington. Ms. Carroll was working well into her 8th decade.

And Raye. Brilliant Raye. One of the "Hidden Figures" who was a naval engineer credited with creating the first computer-generated rough draft of a U. S. naval ship. She was the first female program manager of ships in the United States Navy.

Raye Montague
Image result for raye montague

Image result for raye montague

Thank you for sharing your light! May all you Queens rest in power.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Joan Johnson, co-founder of Johnson Products along with her husband built an empire and groomed the hair, and conscience, of a generation

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founders of Johnson Products - Joan Johnson and husband, George E. Johnson in their early years

Image result for joan johnson johnson products
The Johnsons later in life

Wow. Does this bring back memories.

Johnson Products.

I must have used EVERY hair care item Mr. and Mrs. Johnson manufactured back in the day

First, it was the relaxer line which I used off and on for years until I dropped the creamy crack a decade and a half back. And before then, and occasionally to this day, I hot comb my hair the old fashioned way.

Oh God. Early relaxers were an hours long process. I cringe when I recall the torture. One of my uncle's owned a beauty shop and he REFUSED to do them. Said a "press and curl" was good enough. He lost money but his tried and true church ladies kept him in business.

Ultra Sheen Relaxer. Ultra Sheen Conditioner and Hairdress for Extra Dry Hair.  Ultra Sheen Original Formula. Ultra Sheen Creme Satin Press

Image result for ultra sheen
Image result for ultra sheen

And when I wore my faithful Afro, I bought ALL the products to keep that looking presentable. The afros in the following videos are what kids today call GOALS)

Image result for afro sheen

Image result for afro sheen

Afro Sheen Easy Comb Shampoo. Afro Sheen Blowout Kit for the natural. Afro Sheen Oil Spray.

I could work up a mess in the bathroom with the oil spray.Tricky thing was, you thought you weren't using that much. UNTIL. UNTIL. You noticed your shoes were slipping on the tile floor and you were coughing.

And no I NEVER had a Jheri Curl. The amount of activator I saw people run through scared me away.

What we do for fashion.

They even produced cosmetics for the variety of  Black skin tones. I bought several.

I thank Ms. Johnson and her husband for creating the products because before that our options were for press and curl only - My Knight, Dixie Peach (which came as Dixie Peach Red and Dixie Peach Pomade), Royal Crown, Dax, and Blue Magic.

R. I. P. Mrs. Johnson. You pushed a generation to embrace itself eventually!

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Related image

Okay! Okay! Okay!

Dude, put on your purple flares, your platform shoes with the clear heels and your matching Qiana shirt and I'll slip on my co-ordinating mauve-colored, Qiana wrap skirt with matching bodysuit and a pair of beige Candies.

Oh, and don't forget your gold chains and the coiffure of your choice. Afro or Slicked straight back like Tony Manero's.

It's that time again.

Sing along while you Hustle around the dance floor.

It's SEPTEMBER. Finally.

Image result for earth wind and fire songs

Image result for earth wind and fire songs

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Anne Wiggins Brown - Gershwin's 1st "Bess"

Image result for anne wiggins brown

Anne Wiggins Brown, born August 9, 1912, was the 1st African American vocalist admitted to Juilliard School in New York City. She'd been raised from an early age to excel and was considered a child prodigy. Her family supported her through her quest for vocal excellence. At first she applied to the Peabody Institute but was rejected due to, let's say it together, boys and girls! - HER RACE! I'm shocked I tell ya. Just shocked. Anyhoo, she applied to Juilliard and was accepted at the tender age of 16. Her vocal range was soprano.

Image result for anne wiggins brown

While there she honed her craft and heard that George Gershwin was writing an opera about Black life in the South. The work was to be called Porgy and Bess. She wrote him. He answered. They collaborated and she played the role of Bess when the show opened in 1935 at Boston's Colonial Theater with its all Black cast.

Image result for anne wiggins brown

Having made history, she continued to work but nowhere near as much as, say, a White counterpart like Mary Martin. Sick of the racism and the U. S.'s segregation laws, Wiggins-Brown moved to Norway where she became a vocal coach.

Decades later, she was honored with the George Peabody Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Music in America. An "award" bestowed upon her by the same 'institution of higher learning" (YAWN) that had denied her entrance years before.


Brown passed in 2009 at the age of 96.

Image result for anne wiggins brown

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Classicist, diplomat and historian Frank M. Snowden

Image result for frank snowden black historian

Frank Snowden was a historian of Blacks in Antiquity. He was most knownfor his works, Blacks in Antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman Experience and Before Color Prejudice: The Ancient View of Blacks.

The classicist pioneered a new field of study. He focused on the role and place of Blacks in Greek and Roman cukture and, most importantly, how rabid racism against Blacks was peculiar to solely to Western Civilization. He noted that Blacks in the Ancient World were not subjected to the irrationality of racism to the extremes that would later befall them. When first encountered by Greeks and Romans, Blacks were the warriors, charioteers, soldiers and artists of their nations, and were treated as such by Greece and Rome. They were not labeled  "savages" or seen as less than making them ripe for enslavement.

Several academics challenged his work by saying basically that he was viewing those worlds through "rose-colored glasses." Which might be true but Snowden's work, boiled down to the bare bones, depicted a time where racism toward Blacks, because they were black, was practically non-existent. Flawed or not, his research, his dedication and his contribution were radical..

He earned his undergrad, graduate and doctoral degrees from Harvard University. After teaching jobs at several colleges, he ended his career at Howard University where he was Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and began the school's Honors Program.

Snowden had countless accomplishments. Read more below.

Born July 17th 1911, the scholar, fluent in 5 languages, passed in 2007 at the age of 95, preceeded by his wife of 70 years, Elaine

Image result for frank snowden black historian

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Pea Island Lifesavers - If ya didn't know, ya know now!

Image result for pea island lifesavers

Folks love to say we can't swim! True. A lot of us can't. Laws set in place over the centuries, decades banned us from public pools and public beaches so, learning to swim wasn't big on our list of ish-to-do. Surviving was top priority. Other stuff was squeezed in as life permitted. Okay?

Hence, the PEA ISLAND LIFESAVERS (circa 1896) are a huge surprise to many in the U. S.

Pea Island, situated on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (my people! my people!) was the 1st life-saving station to have an all-Black team and the 1st station to have a Black commanding officier, keeper, Richard Etheridge.

As we cannot have nice things, per usual, five months after it opened, (FIVE FREAKIN' MONTHS!) the all-Black station was set a fire and burnt to the ground, Oh, I wonder why? And by whom, pray tell? It is truly a puzzlement!

Image result for pea island lifesavers

You can read so much more about this amazing crew and amazing man at its helm at the links below. A documentary called RESCUE MEN is available now.. :

Years after his death, on August 3, 2102, the second of the Coast Guard's 154-foot Sentinel Class Cutters, USCOC Richard Etheridge (WPC-1102) was commissioned in his honor.

Courageous men!

Image result for pea island lifesavers

"Fire on the Beach" an excellent book about the origins of the lifesavers and Richard Etheridge

Image result for richard etheridge

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why is the hue of a mermaid, a friggin' CARTOON, that crucial?

Okay. Okay. Okay. Calm the eff down!

1) It's taken me  a few days to process this nonsesnse. This is a three part treatment. As the kids say, "Issa rant." Get a snack.

Initially, I thought "Oh, wow. Disney has woken up!" But after reflection, I realized that Disney is just, and still is all about the moolah. Not the white or the black but the almighty green.

Always has. Always will.

My initial joy consisted of me thinking how neat it was gonna be to have another Black princess in the Disney pantheon. Until I stopped and pondered.

Wait one minute. "The Princess and the Frog" (2009) had Princess Tiana. Lovely. But the more I thought, the more I was pissed. Not a single Disney princess in the last, what? like 70 years, has ever had to be UNSEEN AND A CREATURE for about 90 percent of her own damned film. Not a freakin' one. But this outfit decides, after almost a century, that they were gonna "do the right thing" and present the Black audience (and yes, it was for us. No other audience was clamoring for it) with a Black Princess. So Disney relented and Tiana was born.

As I said, we saw her as HUMAN in about 10 per cent of the film and she didn't even get a Black prince. I mean, every other Disney chick had a prince of her own nation. A happy Black couple, even in animation, is threatening?

2) Then we got the #NotMyAriel squad. The twits on social media bemoaning the notion that their childhoods were gonna be permanently marred with the re-casting of a Black girl to be Ariel in the live-action remake. REALLY? Y'all need t go take your Zoloft or Adderall or Ritalin or all of them and go lie down. The uproar over the telling of a story about a FICTIONAL FISH is simply an excuse for bigotry. I could not bring myself to participate in this stupid battle. My brain cells are too  precious. One fool on Twitter said, "Ariel is Danish. A Black person can't play her." Another future rocket scientist deduced that "since Black people can't swim. Halle Bailey is wrong for the role."

And people say we live in a post-racial society and that the youth will save us. Possibly if they come from another galaxy. But if any of that alien youth has any sense, they'll pass by this hellmouth. I've said enough about the bigots. More than enough. They get too much play as is.

Lastly, this part is a call to Black folks. Stop getting happy about the crumbs of others. Meaning? Stop looking for validation from folk who do not notice your existence unless it benefits them. Disney ain't doing this out of the goodness of their tiny hearts. Disney sees seas and seas and seas of green..They saw how giddy and gooey Black audiences got over "Black Panther." The cries of "we got our own superhero" "we in da Marvel house now!" "Wakanda forever!" I think T'Challa and Nakia got ONE lousy kiss out of the whole film. Please. WE aren't anywhere, darlings but our dollars are. In the cofffers of others. WAKE UP! Make something of our own to get jubliant aboutt!

I wish more "content creators" on Youtube would be interested in more then the latest lace front or color palette. Their creativity is needed beyong make up tutorials.

Oh, I am certain there is another agenda bubbling behind this live-action recasting. It hasn't hit me yet. Let's see cartoon Ariel wasn't a human girl and was from an aquatic family and wanted legs and the prince. Was willing to leave ger people to be with the human dude.

Oh, I get it now Disney. It's not just gonna be a interspecies love story. It's gonna be an interracial one too. Ariel will be Black and a fish and her prince will be non-Black (I'm certain) and human. You know Disney, there is room for another Black prince?

Personally, I loathe remakes of any kind in any genre of film. Hey, I probably won't see the "Star is Born" remake unless it comes on STARZ or something like that. I'm partial to the 1976 version with La Streisand and Kris Kristoferson..That one speaks to my generation as I am sure the previous ones spoke to those generations. I have nothing against the newest one; I just won't go out of my way to see it. Or act mental because it's "destroying memories of my youth."

So, to those bigots whose childhoods are being "destroyed" with this news: Get a grip. Face the future. Find something truly pertinent in your shallow lives to tackle. 'Mmkay?

Black folks: Learn how to discern when you are being played. But you probably can't hear me because you are somewhere already standing in line for "Black Panther 2"

And Disney: I have no words for you. You play the long game too well.