Sunday, March 29, 2020

COVID-19: A nasty moment in time and people in the States have lost their evah-lovin' minds

No. Novel coronavirus (or "'Rona" as my folks have taken to calling it on social media) has not hit me. Truthfully, I am not obsessing over it. I am aware of it just like any other gross pathogen out there. Its quick spread has shown me just how filthy people's personal hygience habits are. Let's face it. All though history, contagion has latched onto mankind because mankind has been a rather cruddy lot. Now, I see plagues spreading due to less-than-ideal living conditions. I acknowledge that. The concept of cleaning with clean water and some kind of soap hadn't clicked in the brains of certain civilizations. Hell, regular bathing period. Then add in contagion-carrying critters running around...Well, you get my drift.

But in modern day, one would think mass blanketing of the globe with deadly infections would have been irradicated once simple hygiene and the undertaking of pre-cautions were introduced.

But no.

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In the States at least, the masses' dependence and blind faith, over the decades, on pharmaceuticals to SOLVE everything has led to, IN MY CONCLUSION, to the lack of caring about whether one "catches" something or not. "Cuz there is a "pill" for it. Or a "shot" for it. Or a "cream" for it." Thank you, but I'll pass on all of the aforementioned "cures," if washing my hands and heeding how I conduct myself spares me.

"How I conduct myself?" she said. Yeah. It's called responsibilty.Now, I'm not talking about people who are immuno-suppressed due to real medical problems. Examples: asthma, organ transplant patients, people on meds for heart conditions, dialysis patients, etc. I'm talking about immuno-suppression due to crappy personal habits: excessive drinking, smoking or drug-taking. Yes, dears. You are immuno-compromised if you do any of that. Do no think you are safe 'cuz you aren't afflicted with a medical condition or you are not a frail, sickly elderly person. Combine any of those habits with ignorance of hygiene guidelines in today's COVID-19 world and you are a sitting duck for big trouble. Go on. Ignore handwashing or social distancing or eating whole, real food and taking supplements to boost your immune system. Go on. If that bug latches onto you, it will set up shop in your weakened immune system and wreak havoc and possible death.

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Now, the flip side of this "pandemic" is the 24/7, incessant news feeds about it. Americans have lost their effin' minds. Hoarding has become an extreme sport. "Certain" assholes have figured out they can build a hefty nest egg if they ride around buying up all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and Lysol. I guess they are going to sell it out of their car trunks on street corners for ten times the original price. I hold the businesses guilty too. Why are they letting one person bogart an item?

Then we have a leader who cannot read a teleprompter without sounding like a 4th grader in a Xmas play,  who gives daily press conferences about nothing and promises everything. I suppose this is his new method of campaigning as cobbling together those rallies he usually does would violate the social distancing rule. We are rudder-less in a choppy sea.

Me? I stay calm. I take my beta carotene and garlic supplements, get adequate sleep, eat real food, limit watching the news and do the cheapeast thiing to kill 'Rona - WASH MY HANDS!

Though I will need toilet paper soon.

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Diane Nash - A little known figure in the Civil Rights Movement

Diane Nash was a founding member of SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee). She started her activist career when she attened Fisk University in Tennessee. While there, she,  along with NAACP leader Ella Baker, organized successful lunch counter sit-ins in downtown Nashville. Fueled by the triumph of the sit-ins, they moved on to set up Freedom Rides to integrate interstate bus companies in 1961

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She met and married the Rev. James Bevel, a fighter in the cause like her and they moved to Jackson, Mississippi to oversee Black voter registration and school desegregation. She became the liaison between SNCC and Rev. King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference and was on the front line during the march on the calamitous Edmund Petus Bridge (March 7, 1965) which became known as "Bloody Sunday" due to the violence unleashed by law enforcement that day on the marchers. Tensions were high as Blacks had come together and were not using the transit system to get around until it was integrated. That strike put a hole in the transit system's pocket. Defiant, those opposed to the wanted change, set a bus on fire to emphazise their displeasure but Nash kept the Freedom Rides going, undeterred by the perturbed or by then President Lyndon B. Johnson's advisors. They'd told her to cease and desist but she igged them. LOL. 

early and later James Bevel
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She was had successes in civil rights agendas but not in her personal life. The Bevels divorced after 7 years and 2 children.. Still, they held to the cause separately. Diane did not re-marry; James went on the wed 3 more times, endured a messy, salacious family court case and passed at the age of 72 in 2008.

Now 81 years of age, Diane has persevered and holds to her beliefs.

Diane now
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She and James were depicted in the Ava Duvernay film "Selma" by actors Tessa Thompson and Common.