Thursday, December 31, 2020


 Yeah. It's been a bitch of a year but we got through it.

Trump World.

The sentiment behind "BLACK LIVES MATTER. (YES. I agree whole-heartedly with the meaning but the intent of the folks behind the  movement? No! 

Ahmad Awbury. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Too many more to name.

The Pandemic.

So much nothing from a useless Congress. People around the world are getting paid throughout this pandemic and the U. S. is haggling over whether or not we should get another $1200 buck check after 10 MONTHS of nada! By the way, they voted to give us 600 measly bucks. Yippee, right? Not!

My two-cents on the way a lot of people handled this pandemic: BADLY! 

You had people out in the Hinterlands of America (who saw on the news that Blacks were being made the face of this scourge), defiantly, decide that COVID 19 was a hoax, but a "hoax that for some reason was chiefly eating Black and Brown foolks. So, these denizens of the Hinterlands deduced the "hoax" wasn't about them. So they partied like it was 1999 at their local bars. UNMASKED. Didn't social distance and sure as hell didn't wash their hands. They felt invincible because IT was only getting "those people."



And unfortunately after each beer pong encounter, each ball game, each pool party, and a few weeks after each fish fry, it was revealed to most that they'd left each get-together with a lovely parting gift - COVID-19.

So, it's been quite Karma-ish that the HEARTLAND got bitten in the backside by the COVID bug.

See, Black folks have always gotten a lick and a pray when it came to health care in the U. S. OR have been medical guinea pigs with EVERYTHING and its mother tried out on us before the "dominant" society is treated with the bonafide cure. Medical abuse leads to ignored health issues when you aren't really interested in the subject's health. Important ills go untreated when your goal is something else all together. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. all are dismissed or over treated when the subject being worked on seen as simply a means to an end for others. That's why Black people are skeptical to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There is this seemingly over zealous push for us to be near the front of the line. It's view as suspect. Special attention from a source that has NEVER cared about our health. But with this Jiffy vaccine, we are suddenly Priority One? I'm good. Let someone else have mine. I'm perfectly happy with the protocol my naturopath gave me.

Nope.Rushing to get vaccinated won't stop one from getting 'Rona. One still could catch a mild form of it even though one has been vaccinated. So still take precautions.

But I digress. 

The year is over in hours and I am looking forward to better times. I appreciate everyone who has visited this blog this year. Thank you! I wish you all a wonderful 2021. Expect great things and you will receive them.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hi! I'm still here. My move kicked my backside but I'm still standing with the help of "QUIET STORM music.YAAAAAAS!

 I'm back again! 

Like I said, I moved last month and it has been a bitch! I'm the type who has to have at least ONE room all together before I take a break. In this case, the room I chose was the living room. IT IS DONE! Now I can rest and unpack the rest of the place on a two box per week basis

To relax while I chill out, I've discovered the new and improved "THE QUIET STORM" radio channel. TQS was a concept birthed by a Howard University student when workers at the university's radio station went on strike. The young communications undergrad (Melvin Lindsey), armed with a stack of his own LPs took over the booth and played "slow jams"to fill the void. His smooth voice capped it off. His voice was the personification of that Smokey Robinson lyric "soft and warm, like a quiet storm." An innovation and a hit were born and WHUR (Howard University's radio station's call letters) has never been the same.

He played Chaka Khan, Angela Bofill, The Brothers Johnson, Herbie Hancock, The Delfonics, Earth, Wind and Fire, Phyllis Hyman, Michael Henderson, The Emotions, Randy Crawford, Labelle, on and on. He even played the "B" sides to their records. These were artists who were NOT getting the wide air play they deserved and he found a home for them

Lindsey was "THE QUIET STORM" and by the time he'd left WHUR, the concept had swept the nation and soon every urban radio station had either a drive time slot or an evening slot for TQS. Even after his departure from WHUR in '85, other DJs kept his signature sound at the station. 

He made his mark. He made history and a legacy and it continues today. Thank you, Melvin!

Give the sound a listen. You'll never be sorry you did.

                                Mister Melvin Lindsey