Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August - "Diverse Books Month" on Rivka Spicer's blog

*Just received an update from Rivka. The event will commence July 31st at 7pm and run until August 31 at 7pm*
I thought I'd post this a few days in advance so you could mark your calendars if interested. Author Rivka Spicer is hosting a whole month of diverse books, and the diverse authors who write them, on her blog. A list is posted, there and down below, of the participants. And guess who's on it? Say it out loud. C'mon. My day is scheduled for AUGUST 9, 2015. Ms. Spicer tweeted her intention of hosting this event and asked for comers. I answered the call.

Now if you drive by my blog every now and then, you know I'm opinionated but not nasty. I shoot straight from the hip in a polite but direct way. So the piece I wrote for the event is in the same vein. It's not sugar-coated, or Kumbaya-ish, or "really?" The romance industry is a BUSINESS. A dog-eat-dog BUSINESS. The industry stays with the tried and true UNLESS some self-pubbed writer or indie press breaks out with the unusual. THEN the Big 5 jump on that person's bigger vision and runs with it. Trendsetters they are not. But there is one field of romance they wanna break out in, if not dominant - MULTICULTURAL. (Again, how I loathe that word) BUT the Big 5 loves that word because it categorizes a thing. For what it's worth, the Big 5 have not been able to duplicate success in building MULTICULTURAL into big money.

In any case, just read my post when it's up (and all the other writers posts too) to see my take on this fiasco. Here are the links to all the festivities.

Follow Rivka's blog all month to get some new book recs.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Oh boy, oh boy. Time for some good, friggin' news! I do not have a release date yet but here is the cover for da, da, da, da...GAMBIT! It's book 5 in my paranormal/sci-fi romance series, THE FELIG CHRONICLES. Nate and Tina, my very much in love pair, who also have made exterminating the Earth-grabbing Felig a priority, are back. The Felig have regrouped from a major ass-kicking and have licked their wounds well. Healed, full of payback, and under new management, the Felig have developed another even more sickening plan to make the big, blue marble their free buffet.

But not if Nate and Tina have anything to say about it. There are conniving baddies plus a few, unexpected, unlikely allies on board to help smack the Felig around. GAMBIT, book 5 of THE FELIG CHRONICLES. Look for a Fall release from eXtasy Books! In the meantime, gaze at that cover. Tina looks a little like Jada Pinkett-Smith I think. So beautiful. Nate looks a little like Daniel Craig, right? Yum. Just your typical alien-erasing, loving couple.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Jul/Aug edition of BTS eMag is here. Late. But here.

Take a gander to the top left of this page and thumb through the latest issue. You're welcome.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who's a 2015 Swirl Awards finalist? ME, that's who!


I, P. J. Dean, made the list as a finalist for The Swirl Awards! BOTH of my 2014 releases got nods. In the Science Fiction/Fantasy category, PARADOX was nominated. In the Historical category, KINDRED, AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY was nominated. As the site says, The Swirl Awards acknowledges the overlooked and unrecognized books/authors for their contribution to IR/Multicultural romance writing. Follow the process of final selection at

More Sandra Bland commentary

I found them! I found the missing words concerning Sandra Bland. Except they aren't mine. They belong to the brilliant Jesse Williams. Thank you for being succinct and on point, Jesse!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer

Here we go again. Racist or bigoted or clueless? If I cared I'd vote clueless. She's the current, blonde, fresh face of the moment. She's 36. And we know how old that is in Hollywood years. So her shelf life is limited. Oh and folks' underpants were in a twist about her pictorial with Disney-owned Star Wars' characters. "Cuz the brand? Oh please. Take several seats. There are more urgent issues to discuss and solve. Look. Who's zoomin' who? We all know that girlfriend could say something offensive about the Dalai Lama, the Pope and Jesus in alphabetical order on any given holy day and as long as she makes BANK for a studio, they will do damage control and she will come up smelling like roses. I have zero effs to give for La Schume and the fabricated tizzy around her. She looks like every plain chick I went to college with who got ALL the hot guys attention because she was "accommodating" and marginally interesting. I suppose it served her well. Whatevs. It'll be over soon. Was that harsh? Good. NEXT!

photo credit:,h_391,w_695,dpr_1.0/amy-schumer-bruce-jenner-jokes_vswflu

article from:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sandra Bland - A bright future meets a deadly end

Sandra Bland, Sandy Bland

First of all, my heart is heavy. For this young woman. For her family. For whatever went down in that Texas jail cell where she was found hanged with a garbage bag. Her family has asked that no social media hashtags be created to talk about this tragedy. I wish folks would respect that. I'm all out of words. Just so sad and frightening.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Frank Yerby - The Inside outsider

I never knew the true heritage of this novelist and Hollywood writer until a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed his work but now that I know his background I can see why some didn't. Not so much his work, but the elaborate masquerade he had to pull off to get it seen. But for me, it is no reflection on the man. He had to stay undercover. Not take center stage until, and if, his work hit with the audience that counts. I see his actions as that of a man who wanted to express his artistic side at any, and all, costs. And who refused to leave this Earth with his gift yet locked inside him because the outlet had been barred. I can't judge him. I DO cast epic side-eye at the short-sighted publishers and studios, and yes, at the audiences of the time.

It is amazing how this blocking of the dissemination of the "other" voice is still practiced in convoluted ways today in publishing and in Hollywood. IF, we writers of color are even considered to depict the "other" in our work, we writers of color are asked to write neutral, sterile, colorless characters so as to not disturb the "mainstream" reader's enjoyment or upset the storyline. WTF! I couldn't believe that nuttiness but it is based in truth because I've seen it, IN THIS ERA, in the comment sections of romance book review blogs. I, personally, have seen it in several permutations in two EXTREMELY POPULAR romance book review blogs. The aforementioned skittish reader (forgive me but all I see is a wobbly colt when I hear that adjective) specifically STATED that she have wanted to read "that certain book by that unfamiliar author" BUT had been put off by the possibility of encountering "unpleasantness" in the book. Again, WTF! I read that as code for "I'd like to read that non-White writer's romance book with the non-White characters but if ANYTHING REAL is in it...I can't deal. I'm too fragile."

Oy to the effin' vey.

Somebody, please pile the mulch up on that delicate, sensitive flower.

So, no. I do not fault Frank Yerby. The man was a creative being who refused to be silenced and he found ways, most assuredly "unpleasant" to him to be heard. Just like I salute Octavia Butler for daring to write Sci-fi, I salute Mr. Yerby for finding a path, no matter how restrictive, to living his truth. And for entertaining the skittish folks.

Ida B Wells-Barnett - 19th century Bad Ass, born July 16th, 1862

This little woman spoke up loudly (in a newspaper too) about social injustice at a time when simply "BWB" (breathing-while-Black) would most definitely get you killed without any repercussions on the transgressor's part. Investigative Journalist. Suffragette. Newspaper Editor. Bad Ass. Yes. Happy Birthday, Mrs Barnett!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015



Photo published for Serena Williams Has Won Wimbledon Again - But What A Fight

You know. I really don't know why the "competition" shows up. There is no "competition" while this woman breathes! The BLACK woman who has broken the mold. The BLACK woman from Compton who represents tennis excellence for the U. S., the friggin' WORLD, and who is the object of such unbridled hatred, pettiness and overt bigotry. Love you, Queen. You've never let the bastards get you down. Thank your family. Go kiss your boyfriend. Sail that yacht in the Aegean. Live your life. With no effin' apologies. You, darling, did it the good old-fashioned way. You earned it.

Now everyone, say it with me again, "Sharapova who?"

Yeah, I thought so.

As you were.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Before any of these mega-preachers there was Father Divine!

Talk about a blast from the past! This man was BIG in my neck of the woods. He preached racial harmony and drew large crowds. I used to eat at his Peace Mission in Philly as a treat when I was a kid because the menu was out-of-this-world and there were no set prices...until piggy, greedy knuckleheads started coming in eating plate after plate and paying something like .20 cents for each HUGE plate of real, home-cooked food they inhaled. My mouth is watering from memory! Their lamb shanks were out of sight! Anyhoo, piggy, cheap folk ruined it and the mission had to set prices. I mean damn. It costs to buy food, cook food and serve food. Still, it was a low price. And it didn't deter my family from going. Kept the shady away though. They also had the best ice cream. Below is a photo of Father Divine and his "spotless, virgin bride," (as she was referred to and according to the Church tenets STAYED that way after marrying) "Sweet Angel" who after marriage became Mother Divine. The dear Father has passed but Mother Divine still resides at Woodmont, the headquarters of the movement. She is 90 years old. The mission's mansion, Woodmont, is a national treasure and open to the public for tours to this day.

all info courtesy of black america web

Monday, July 6, 2015

Queen Bey takes Australia

I do not know how to take this news item. Joke? For realz? Builders Down Under like Mrs. Carter that much? Oh boy. I'mma sit this down right c'here and you can check it out. Can't believe Iggy didn't get the honor.No wait. That would be the duty of some equally ennui-stricken American who would sculpt Ms. Azealia in bacon or Krispy Kreme donuts. Y'all really like Bey that much? Jay-Z hasn't even done this. Questions! Is this building gonna have blonde, lace front window blinds to lift and lower? A see-through outer shell? A large...parking garage? Will it dance? Never mind. Not much else to do Australia? That is just a level of bored even I've never achieved. building

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Friday, July 3, 2015

The 4th. the 4th, the 4th - Division, fireworks and apple pie

First of all, to all of those who celebrate Independence Day here in the States, have at it. Please do. The way I used to celebrate it as a kid is long behind me. Oh, I ate up my share of home-made strawberry ice cream, ate as much potato salad and cold chicken and fresh tomatoes and corn, and drained a lot of lemonade-filled glasses and scarfed down pie (whatever fruit my grandfather could scare up for the main desserts) with the best of them. Said fruit died happily in peach or apple or blueberry cobblers. My grandmother and my mother would cook for daaaaays; so would any other family member who had a "speciality" we craved and cried for like widdle babies. And they had JOBS too. So I don't get this "I don't have time to cook" mentality of today. Maybe, just maybe, step away from Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook for a couple hours and go SHOP FOR and COOK something! Anyhoo, these folks of the last century had responsibilities and still cooked. From SCRATCH. Now this here holiday was chiefly viewed in my family as a day off. From hearing the boss's mouth. From hearing the voice of ANYONE who had power over your life. Now before meditation and "raising your vibration" so you could float above the ish of others, there was the land of "shut you the eff down." Just plain ole tune you out. So the 4th of July, and other holidays were used by my family to refuel before having to jump back into the fray. That was their definition of freedom.

There were a lot of Vets in my family, so I saw them salute and stuff to the flag was more about honoring lost comrades, not kowtowing to a piece of cloth. One uncle, who'd survived WWII, ALWAYS got blotto at all occasions and was the only one who'd let it rip about his "gubmint." No family get-together would be complete without his dressing down of his years serving under "idiots with connections" and the blatant racism run a muck then in the armed forces. As outrageous and tough as he was, I knew as I got older that his outbursts were his residual hurt. Hurt made worse by his pride in serving his country and by his small, hidden streak of patriotism for said country that'd only pulled him off KP duty, and had trusted him with a gun because the Allies were losing the friggin' war. He fought in the "European Theatre" in France in the Ardennes. His nickname was "Bull of the Woods" because after he'd psyched himself up to a fever pitch to engage the enemy, his battalion said he was a force majeure. So, bravado aside, he came home shell-shocked, in need of psychiatric help and never got it. He passed at 83 still hurt, angry and ashamed of his admiration for serving a country for which he'd put his life on the line, and could not have given two shits about him and others of his hue. With all the institutionalized push back and reproach, my family knew their rightful place in this land and claimed it. They NEVER, EVER questioned their right to be a part of this country. That was others' favorite dead horse to beat.

Which brings me to the sad state of affairs concerning racial matters in the US of A this holiday. We have certain folk imitating us. We have us killing one another and others gleefully joining in to help, legally or illegally. I used to think that millennials were rather... useless. Sorry. That's how they came off. Self-absorbed, possessing the attention span of a gnat unless a topic revolved around them, skeptical and naive at the same time, chiefly enterpreneurial, disconnected from their surroundings unless anything Apple was waved in front of them. But in recent months, millennials have found their purpose, in my eyes at least. They are the voice of accountability. I hope they stay that way. My Boomer generation was like that once, until they became bankers, lawyers, doctors and such. And got mortgages. And gave birth to you. We were lions once. Now, we are simply lying down. I added the link to an article in the Griot published last winter. It speaks volumes to me. it's about one of the new lions. His work is gritty and some will sigh "too harsh" but he captures a moment in present/past American history in a single image. Make the acquaintance of Mister Patrick Campbell, Millennial.

And what will I be doing tomorrow? Besides passing the torch, this Boomer is gonna make herself a plate of sliced, chilled chicken with fresh broccoli and corn sides. For dessert, a scoop of strawberry ice cream AND a helping of peach cobbler. Then I'll lift several glasses of hard lemonade to all those absent and to this "messy" country because I belong here. Oh, and I'll be checking my email for the proofs of my next installment in THE FELIG CHRONICLES. It's called GAMBIT and is book 5. I'll read more research for my next historical tentatively titled, "SWORN." And, of course, listen to Old School 100.3. It's a Breakwater, Heatwave, BT Express kind of weekend. Yes. I need it.

"New Age of Slavery" by Patrick Campbell