Thursday, May 27, 2021

The history and effort to save a Maryland settlement (San Domingo, Wicomico County) founded by free Blacks in 19th century America

San Domingo is a small community in Wicomico County Maryland initially settled by ex-enslaved in the early 19th century. It sits between Mardela Springs and Sharptown, about 50 miles southeast of Annapolis. It is an ageing place and with an ageing population comes the lost of culture. And this settlement is full of culture. Oral histories and documentation are required. Maryland was my maternal grandmother's stomping ground.  My father's people (Gullah) are from the islands off the coasts of the Carolinas. So my heart is in both places.

It is sad as the diminishing Gullah culture in the Low Country of America. Both the people of San Domingo and of the Low Country are valuable to African-American culture. If this little Maryland community is lost,  the land will go to the investors like the precious land of Hilton Head. I hope San Domingo can save itself because if it is waiting on the U. S. gov't to help...Forget it!

Anyhoo, read the accompanying articles. They are a wealth of info.