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Mifflin Wistar Gibbs - Lawyer, judge, diplomat

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as a younger man

Mr. Gibbs (april 17, 1823 - July 11, 1915) was a lawyer, judge, diplomat and banker. Phew! That's a lot for one plate.

He hailed from Philadelphia, Pa and traveled to California during the Gold Rush era. Oh, that must have been harrowing. All I can think of is the lawless settlement of Deadwood and its grungy, greedy, grasping denizens.

Not to mention the odors of all the unwashed people and animals and the offal from all of them lining the thouroughfares. UGH!

The only Deadwood I liked was the HBO TV show. But I digress.

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (what a name. Just reeks greatness) had lived in Canada for ten years pror to the Civil War. When that debacle ended he returned to the States and then ventured West.  it was in Little Rock, AR that he staked his claim and became part of the that short, glorious period when the formerly enslaved steered their own lives - THE RECONSTRUCTION.

During it he became a lawyer then a city judge. In 1897 he was appointed American Counsul to Madagascar under the McKinnney Administration

This man had a full, busy life. Too full for me to cram into this post Read more about him at the links above.

as an elder
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Sunday, April 21, 2019

It's eat Chocolate-and-Marshmallow-Animals-Until-You-Drop Day! Or for normal people, it's Easter

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I totally forgot that today is Easter Sunday and that Passover is intersecting with the Christian holiday.

To all those who celebrate either one, or both - Happy Easter! Happy Pesach!

To those who celebrate sprng and all things green and bunnies and eggs - Happy Spring Equinox! (yeah. I know it was March 20th.)

Whatever you do, I am certain it involves eating too much of something. So enjoy your comestibles of choice and do as this creature commands:

Monday, April 8, 2019

DISSENT gets a new cover and a new life!

Well, if you hadn't noticed in the sidebar, my recent historical romance got a facelift! Yeah, DISSENT received a new cover styled by a cover designer who goes by the tag Designovator_ . I discovered her on fiverr.

The image I plucked from the archives of photographer Taria A. Reed. That woman is the only photo source I know of who actually has in her stash a number of stills that fit the era in which DISSENT was set. Plus, more importantly, she had the pairing I needed for my cover re-do! You have no idea how hard it is to find images of historical IR couples. Oh, there are a few out there if you are searching for that DixieLand/Old Virginny, slave/master, Old South concept. Noooooo! I wasn't.

I needed French Renaissance and she had it. Thank you, Taria and Designovator_ for your talents.

I had another fiverr pro re-format the book's Vellum. If yoy ned your books formatted in Vekllum. hit up arrancat on fiverr. She is the truth! And right now she will give you 1) a Kindle version, 2) a version for print, 3) a ePub versions.


My book refreshening tallied @45 bucks plus tips. Can't beat that/ Now feast your eyes close up on the final product.

Otelia Cromwell, Smith College alumna and scholar

Otelia Cromwell. First Black grad of Smith College. Then she conquered Columbia U and finally earned her Ph.D in English from Yale.

Wow. And she didn't have filthy rich 'rents to bribe her way in. She used her brain. Can you imagine that? One of her nieces (Adelaide Cromwell Hill) became an instructor in sociology at Smith College years later.

Smith College honors her in November each year..

Read more about Otelia at the links above.

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her niece, sociologist Adelaide M. Cromwell Hill
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Enslaved Tour Guide Stephen Bishop Made Mammoth Cave the Must-See destination it is today

Master Spelunker by accident. Slave through no fault of his own.

Stephen Bishop was one of several enslaved Blacks who were guides for visitors to the Mammoth Cave system of Kentucky. He and they were honored this past February for their contributions to the art of spelunking.  Though slaves above ground, they were masters of the terrain underground.

Stephen Bishop
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that hair is err'thang.

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Orthopedic surgeon, J. Robert Gladden 1st Black board certified surgeon in his profession in 1949

Dr. J. Robert Gladden became board certified as an orthopedic surgeon on Jan. 22, 1949. A native son of Charlotte, N. C.., he received his M. D. from Meharry Medical School. Later at Howard University, he specilized in orthopedics and became the institution's 1st orthopedic resident. He went on to build his stellar reputation, both in the States and in Bermuda, finally settling in as Howard's Chief of Orthopedic Surgery.

Read more about Dr. Gladden at the link above and the one below:

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