Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How do you pick books for your TBR pile? If you are influenced by the visual, do pretty people posed on the cover catch you? Or are you hooked by the blurb and log line? Does the description of the heroine in a romance book affect your interest in the story? Do you have preferences in appearance? If you can’t place yourself in her shoes, will you stop reading the story? What if the heroine is not the same ethnic group as you, would you stop reading the book? Would you even select a book if the heroine on the cover does not have physical attributes to which you can relate or find attractive?

Yep, these are what I call EYE OF THE BEHOLDER questions. And guess what? I use them to choose my reading material. But I use it based on the HERO in the book. As in a previous post the hero can have any attributes but if he’s a BETA, I’m hooked. You know the type: caring, sensitive and will beat down his enemy for you in a heartbeat.

Do you have a list of EYE OF THE BEHOLDER QUESTIONS? If not feel free to use mine.