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Welcome to the 66th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy date night. We all know what a sexy date night is. Everyone has had that wonderfully sexy man ask us out and just knew it was going to be a very special time. More recently, we’re heard the words date night spoken of with reverence as parents take a night away from their children. No matter what your concept of date night may be, we’d love to hear all about that wonderful evening.


This week's snippet comes from UNION, THE FELIG CHRONICLES, BOOK THREE. Nate and Tina, our alien-battling duo, are having a date night. A date to re-evaluate their relationship and to see if they have staying power as a permanent couple after a rather trying episode. Enjoy the excerpt and follow my fellow authors on this blog hop at:

"You're too quiet which means you’re mentally ravishing me.”

“Tina, humor the perv in me. Turn, please.” She relented.

Nate liked her legs clad in the sheerest of stockings in her flesh tone and the high-heeled suede pumps, which made her calf muscles clench to maintain her balance. The dress did her justice or vice versa. It stretched over her athletic but lush frame. He reached for her, pulled her close, and inhaled. She’d layered her signature scent. Even her upsweep of curls held her perfume.

“Nate, we’re gonna be late.” She leaned into him, clutching his strong forearms and enjoyed his nearness as he aided her in keeping upright in the damned heels.

“One question, I gotta ask,” he whispered.


“Are those pantyhose or thigh-highs? And is there the slightest chance I might find out on my own?”

“That’s more than one question.” She pushed off his frame. “We need to go. I’m hungry.”


Fellow romance writer Veronica Scott wrote her monthly column for USA TODAY this past Thursday, asking other writers what scary books and/or scary characters in books and films gave them sleepless nights. Guess who was asked to chime in?

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hello to the visitors so far this week: Yo, US of A, Hi Saucey Australia, Hey, Canada!Buon Giorno, Italia! Bon Jour, Ma Belle France! A very lovely "Hi there" to the UK and welcome to my one visitor from Kuwait. Keep it coming and spread my URL around. Thanks

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have a new historical romance coming out on November 1st, 2014. It's not the usual set up as the heroine is African-American and the hero is an Oneida Indian. Set during the Colonial era in upstate New York, KINDRED, AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY, follows the developing love story between Kindred Twain and Lelaheo/Cassian Harkness, who have known each other since childhood. Rescued and raised by physician Douglas Twain at his farm, Twainhaven Hall, the two have been formally educated, which sets them apart from others of their class. Kindred becomes an herbalist; Lelaheo desires to become a doctor as he has served as Douglas's assistant.

After being refused entry to a medical school in the Colonies due to his race, Lelaheo applies to one in Germany using his Christian name and is accepted. This separates him and Kindred on the eve of the American Revolution. Once in Europe, intrigues begin. Sadly, one particular intrigue follows Lelaheo back to the Mohawk Valley when his studies end. He returns to Twainhaven Hall and a valley poised for war. Couple the intrigue shadowing Lelaheo, which tests Kindred's love, with a caller come to even the score with Douglas over an incident from years before and...Which will happen first? The destruction of region's peace and way of life? Or the breaking of the couple's bond?

This is not a ballroom book but it does contain a few galas. The story spans two continents and shows life for people other than those bred for the ballroom.

This e-book is published by Devine Destinies and is scheduled for a 11-1-2014 release. For those interested in the area where American history and the history of African-Americans and Native people intersect, I have included a bibliography. I have also added a glossary for Gullah, a dialect spoken by Kindred's grandmother in the book which is still spoken by some African-Americans of the Low Country of the USA but is disappearing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 65 - A Sexy Halloween - @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to the 65th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy Halloween. What is more sexy than Halloween? We love witches, goblins and everything that this day has come to mean. Of course, for some it’s Samhain and that’s cool too. We just love things that go bump in the night.

So this week scare us in the best ways. Show us your sexy characters and their sexy romance on or near Halloween. Tell us the whole story on how they fell in love, what they do to stay in love and all the little details in between. Show us the good, the bad and the ugly as it’s those situations which pull us closer to those characters. Show us those characters even if they have nothing in common with Halloween. We still want to see them!

My sexy snippet this week does not have a thing to do with Halloween. It does come from a paranormal WIP, tentatively entitled, Ricochet and it is sexy. So it half qualifies. We have a married couple. A husband consumed with having a baby. A wife who wants one but not now. A pool boy. And a miscarriage that opens the door to some strange happenings. But this excerpt is just fun, no angst and introduces two of the characters. Enjoy. Please visit the other authors on this hop at: 

They traipsed down the walkway to his truck. When they reached it, she turned to him.

“That first pool session was rather fast, Matt. Are you always that fast?” Sandy surprised herself with that question and its tone. Plus, she had batted her eyelashes. God was she that dick-starved?

“Fast? No, Missus Stamper.”

“Call me Sandy.”

“Sandy, then. No. This was to get a feel of what service you need. Fast? Naw, not me.” He moved closer and looked her directly in the eyes. “I always take my time. Slow, steady. Never turn down a request. Right in there up to my eyeballs until my client is satisfied.”

Sandy swallowed and backed up.

“That’s re-assuring. I'm in good hands then. See you next session, Matt.” She turned on her heels and swiftly made her way back up the path. Once in the house, she went right to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer. She didn’t know whether to drink it or stick in her panties to cool off. Deciding to drink it won and she finished it off so fast no condensation got to form on the bottle’s surface before she tossed it. She spoke out loud to her absent husband, Connor.

              “Babe, you’re going to have a substantial dinner because you are going to need your strength to bang your wife half the night.”   

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Batten down the damned hatches! I said batten down the damned hatches! Oh, never mind."

Well, the last few months RomanceLandia has lived nowhere in the vicinity of that name. No loving feels given. Then again, it only does sometimes. Oh, at times it can be extremely congratulatory to its members and at other times one would think it was a Roman arena from the set of Spartacus. I have said this and I will say it again, the sisterhood of women can be wonderful but when that sisterhood is not, it's a bitch. That said, the land of alpha, tight-torsoed males, firm-tittied females, the land of image is all and the bottom line counts on it, crashed and hit the median big time last week. My sole consolation was that no PoC authors were harmed in the making of this fiasco. Cue the sarcasm.

A YA author ,with an obvious privilege complex, went batshit crazy. And I do mean crazy. As in call-the-cops crazy over a less than favorable review of her book. This behavior seems to be becoming par for the course for some authors. And it seems to be plaguing the ones who pen YA. Personally, I expected these meltdowns to come from self-pubbed authors of NA. All that angst, drugs, booze and sex that gets stirred up in that genre would be ripe for nuttiness on an author's part if his/her book was not given a glowing review. Cue the sarcasm.

Anyhoo, this author woman STALKED a blogger/reviewer because the person didn't care for her book. Obtained the person's work phone umber, WENT TO HER HOME, and even CALLED the blogger at her JOB to complain. REALLY? REALLY? Now, I'm a writer not a book reviewer. But if I were one, and that chick had turned up on my doorstep...hon, let me count the ways! I don't care if the reviewer talked about your Mama; you never have the right to STALK someone. Alright, add this incident to the ish being perpetrated by Ellora's Cave against a blogger and well you get what you've got now. Several romance book blogging/review sites will NOT be doing any business as usual until October 27th. A sort of united front action in sympathy with the lady who got harassed.

The author in question got a platform to defend her actions in a rant printed in The Guardian. The Guardian! I said The-- Never mind. I think it's part of a publicity stunt to get eyes on her work because we all know there is no such thing as bad publicity. But there is such a thing as bad manners and bad judgment. Another belief I hold is, this era of publishing has opened the floodgates, for better or for worse, to folks with talent or without talent and enough free space on their credit card to push that "print" button. Oh yes, this influx fills that punch bowl holding a block of frozen concentrate but it also dilutes it. And don't forget it fattens someone's coffers. Apparently, these authors have images of J. K. Rowling's wealth dancing in their heads. The writer in question is pubbed by a traditional publisher but her tactics to be seen remind of the self-pubbed faction who take promo to a frenzied level. She also has major book world connections. That's what puzzles me. She's got folks in key places to push her work regardless of what one blogger says about it. Whatever. She decided to take the path of writers who depend on a reviewer's opinion to sell her book. She is like many who live by the 5-star reviews on Goodreads, and passable reviews from established blogs to GUARANTEE BANK! Makes no never mind that the ouevre may be sub par. In these people's eyes bloggers/reviewers are the last word.

Which brings me to observation two: romance book blog/review sites. I read them for fun. I like to see what's out there and what readers are interested in. Do I follow them for recs? No. I pick books to read all by my lonesome. I rely on my instincts. No one person's taste is like mine. Just because I like so-and-so does not mean I'll like so-and-so-2. No. That's why I DETEST that feature on Amazon. Back on track. I read a thread on a popular romance blog which asked readers who they put faith in when considering buying books. To my surprise, the vast majority of them rely on other people and these review sites. I was shocked. Floored. And another thing that floored me was, it was not due to possible wasted money that they trusted the blogs instead of their own tastes. It was due to not wanting to waste time on a possibly unworthy tome. My question is, what if they found the blog's rec to be sucky? Who would they blame then? The rec sucked, you've wasted money and time. And it wasn't even your choice. Which leads me to believe that this is one of the reasons why snowflakes like Miss Privileged go apeshit when they get anything less than "stupendous" praise for their books. They follow the path of the reader and the reader trusts the blogs. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, listen. No reviewer deserves anything less than thanks and appreciation from an author that his/her book was chosen for review. They do it for free and don't need the grief.

But it's become a Catch-22. These unhinged writers see these sites as a route to the promised land of moolah and recognition. It's a given that if an author's book makes the cut for review, readers do take it into consideration when making book purchases. And if it's a glowing one, readers flock to the book and it's gonna sell. I get the madness but I in no way condone it.

Reviewers, expect this sort of behavior as the romance business scrambles to find its footing in this new Wild West. Expect it more and more as publishers have made review sites the new slushpiles. And have foisted promo off on these sites' shoulders. Bloggers do not get paid for their service and major publishers use them as FREE PROMO as they spend next to nothing on promo anymore. Hopefuls are looking to  review sites, not capable authorship, to lift them out of the swiftly moving current of the slushpile. And since promo for this new kind of slush pile has been re-directed to book review sites, these sites have every right to slime the ill-prepared when they present unpolished work and they have every right to sink the ill-mannered when they show their asses.

My solution if I were a book blogger? I'd draw up some sort of document stating that any bad behavior directed at a blog/review site, by an author, because said author's work was given a less than stellar review, would result in a boycott of reviewing any books by that author's publisher for a loooong period of time and a lifetime ban for the offending author on submitting anything else to that blog for review. Let the author go bitch elsewhere about that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Auntie Fee vs. Thug Kitchen

Another instance of appropriation? You be the judge. Auntie Fee of Facebook, You Tube and recently of some T.V. spots fame, is an African-American woman who dispenses economical ways of stretching your food dollar with today’s slim paychecks. Astrologer, Samuel F. Reynolds described her as the person who would emerge if Samuel L. Jackson and Martha Stewart had a baby. That’s…priceless. Aunt Fee doles out her recipes and wisdom from her kitchen with the aid of her son and his camera. See the results on her channel:

Her meals are not for the gourmand. It is filling food for those short on cash. Her delivery of the recipes is one-of-a-kind. This food you learn how to buy and make and enjoy eating if your butt is on a tight budget and your butt wants to eat! No arugula, no heirloom tomatoes, no truffles. But I’m sure that Auntie Fee would whip up a bitch of a meal with those items if you gave them to her.

This woman is the real, friggin’ deal. She started this to hand out tips to strapped households. She is sincere in her efforts and I hope it pays off for her.

Which brings me to the item called Thug Kitchen. It is a vegan cookbook in blackface, slapped together by two White twenty-somethings, who found it cute to use what is categorized as thug language to describe the preparation of straight-forward, no-nonsense meals. Anyone seeing the Elvis Effect here? Cute for whom, dear hearts? To what audience is this tome directed? Surely not the thug (code: urban, code: BLACK/BROWN) in the title. The people whose parlance you’ve borrowed may want cooking advice but they would NOT be the buyers of this ish. And you know it. How fortuitous that this book has dropped in time for Xmas gifting! How wondrous it will be to gather ’round yon holiday hearth over cocktails to deconstruct the recipe descriptions and the recipes themselves (whose ingredients, by the way, do not come from Bottom Dollar)! The only fretting that will arise will be “What 40 oz. goes with kale?”

Oh, the quandary!

The following is a comment from a guy on Facebook:

“Look, intellectualize it all you want, but these two wrote a book with the knowledge that it would be perceived as "ironic" -applying "street culture" (read: Black) to typically yuppie (read: White) trends - to appeal to a certain demographic. That demographic is generally the hipster kids of rich white parents, who don't think of themselves as racist but revel in these stereotypes and have no problem gentrifying the shit out of everything. So it's dishonest, bullshit marketing at best, and profiting off of tongue-in-cheek making fun of, and perpetuating racial stereotypes at worst.”

Out of the mouths of babes. This is a vegan cookbook. A cookbook coming out at holiday time which would have blended in with, and gotten lost in the crush of all the other overpriced, shiny cookbooks. It's a hit because of, and ONLY because of, its spin. Not its content. Veggies have been written about in cookbooks since...forever. 

So dear writers and publishers of Thug Kitchen, while depositing those royalty checks, darlings, do remember Aunt Fee and CUT HER A F*&^KIN’ CHECK!

Appropriation. ‘Tis a heady intoxicant. And so very profitable.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank you but...

Thanks to the people who have read my books. EXCEPT. Why don't you ever leave a review on Amazon or wherever you got it? Legit or pirated. Yes, I know some of you don't get my stuff through the correct channels. SHAME ON YOU. Why don't you think my effort is worth your money? It's worth your time apparently because I used to find my work on those kinds of sites all the time. I must say that the IR/Multicultural book threads are in heavy rotation on the pirate sites. Is it such a forbidden pleasure that you can't be found out buying one from a legal ebookstore? Is it so freaky? Well, you aren't alone in your "freakdom." Somebody is reading them. 'Cuz I can hear you breathing. 'Cuz fellow authors lament low sales and low royalties in spite of readers emailing them or commenting on Facebook how much they loved the book. So as I have said, "Somebody is reading them." SO IF YOU ARE READING MY ISH, LEAVE A REVIEW, WHY DON'T YA? Thank you.

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Hi y'all!

This is a shout out to all who check in on my blog. Hi, U. S. A.! Hi, Canada! Hi, France! Hi, United Kingdom! Hi, Germany! Hi, Russia! Hi, Italy! Hi, Japan! Hi, Poland! Hi, Ukraine! Hi, China! Hi, Singapore! Hi, Bulgaria! and so far Hi, Kazakhstan! And if I've missed anyone else, I'll shout out to you next week. Thanks!