Monday, June 8, 2015

An uncivil servant at work - Another day at the office in good, ole McKinney, Texas

I am really sick and tired of this type of occupation, oh, excuse me, this type of protecting and serving going on. I'm also very sad that nothing surprises me anymore. Anyhoo, watch the clip. And you decide. Personally, if it were my child, I'd bring charges so fast, I'd end up OWNING McKinney, Texas, even though I wouldn't want the sorry-assed place. Oh, and that petty fonctionnaire with a gun and a badge, AND the McKinney PD, AND that idyllic enclave where all this ish went down? They ALL would be cutting checks to my effin' DESCENDANTS by the time I got through. My grandfather always said "People who act like they don't understand you, comprehend with the quickness when you hit 'em in the pocketbook."

Disgusting and pathetic is this, man. He was suspended but all that means is he's home, on paid leave, drinking beer on the patio while a Kickstarter campaign is probably being started for his defense.

Wanna know something else funny and disgusting? Not three weeks ago in WACO, TEXAS, biker gangs went at it in a PUBLIC parking lot ending in the DEATHS of about nine people. Cops stood around doing nothing. NOTHING. Double standard much? Why? Because bikers are dangerous and will rip out a cop's spine and pick their teeth with it while he screams. YOU DON'T MESS WITH. BIKERS. LET. ALONE TEXAS BIKERS. Let the Feds handle them. And so Waco's finest did just that. They sat out the dance.

Yeah. Protect and serve. But only from Black-While-Attending-a-Pool- Party kids who were invited in the first damned place.

 I'm done.

Roll tape.

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